Dogs and Fireworks – 14 Strategies to Keep Your Dog Calm

Dogs and Fireworks - 14 Strategies to Keep Your Dog Calm

If the sound of fireworks or thunderstorms sends your dog scrambling to leap into your lap or cower under a bed, your pup’s not alone. With their keen sense of hearing, loud noises can be overwhelming for most dogs, leaving them pacing the floor, panting or trembling with fear. Some dogs may even urinate on the floor or become destructive … Read More

Alpha Dogs and Pack Mentality – Revisited

Alpha Dogs and Pack Mentality

We’ve all heard the advice that as dog owners, we should be the alpha dog or pack leader in our house or else our dogs will assume the role, take over, and pretty much make our lives miserable. That’s the basic theory behind traditional dog training methods, made even more popular by a certain TV-show dog rehabilitator. The training style … Read More

What’s Your Pet’s Pet Peeves?

What's Your Pet's Pet Peeves?

I have a few pet peeves when it comes to people and these three are at the top of my list. Here’s what’s strange. I know it’s not their fault, but noisy eaters bother me the most. Ironically, I don’t mind watching or listening to Haley crunch food or chew with her mouth open. As a matter of fact, I … Read More

10 Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean With a Dog

10 Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean With a Dog

Whether we’re off to discover a new hiking trail or just traveling a few miles up the road to visit Grandma and Grandpap, summertime means more trips in the car with Haley. She loves going everywhere with us, but we don’t particularly love all the hair, mud and mess that’s left behind in the Jeep when we get back home. … Read More

Do Dogs Feel Guilty?

Do Dogs Feel Guilty?

Every time I see one of those dog shaming images with a guilty looking pup displaying their confession written on a sign hung around their neck, I wonder if any of those dogs really feel ashamed. Even though they may look or act remorseful, do dogs feel guilty? Most of the research on this subject suggests that dogs aren’t capable … Read More

Why You Should Celebrate National Pet Month!

Why You Should Celebrate National Pet Month

I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes at the thought of another “National” something or other day or month, but this one is all about our best friends. Let’s face it, we all get lazy sometimes or settle into a routine with our pups, so the month of May is a perfect time to shake things up and celebrate National … Read More

Using Corrections With Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Using Corrections With Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

In the world of positive reinforcement (reward-based) dog training, the term “correction” almost seems like a bad word. For many people, it conjures up images of old school trainers that use aversive, physical methods and tools to train and control their dogs. As a matter of fact, many dog training facilities that only use positive reinforcement (+R) techniques never mention … Read More

A Dog’s Tongue

A Dog's Tongue

Sweet, smiling, tasting, thirsty, tired, sneaky, yuk, yum, lick, kiss! The purpose and personality of a dog’s tongue. Sweet kisses from a butterfly Smiling at the stone-faced guy Tasting a turkey foot at the store Thirsty tongue drinks some more Tired and hot, it stretches out flat Sneaky, it swipes a kiss from the cat Yuk, I’ve got a mouth … Read More

12 Self-Help Tips for Dogs with Allergies

12 Self-Help Tips for Dogs With Allergies

It’s surprising how many dog owners think that excessive licking and scratching is normal for dogs, but more often than not, allergies are the cause of all that itching and discomfort. In last week’s post, I talked about the drug Apoquel and how it’s helped Haley with her allergies, but there are also practical and natural ways to treat allergies … Read More

Is Apoquel Safe for Dogs With Allergies?

Is Apoquel Safe for Dogs?

It’s springtime and for many people and their dogs, it means the return of allergy season. Haley’s had allergies issues throughout her life but her symptoms have gotten worse now that she’s older and our usual method of treatment (Benadryl and self help strategies) no longer keep the itching, licking and scratching under control. After reading rave reviews about the … Read More