What’s Your Pet’s Pet Peeves?


What's Your Pet's Pet Peeves?I have a few pet peeves when it comes to people and these three are at the top of my list.

My Pet Peeves

  • The grocery shopper that blocks the aisle with their cart, then gives you an annoyed look when you politely say “Excuse me”.
  • The driver that forces you to slam on your brakes because they pull out in front of you when there’s nobody in sight behind you. Usually they end up driving well below the speed limit too.
  • The person that crunches loudly when eating food or chews with their mouth open.

Here’s what’s strange. I know it’s not their fault, but noisy eaters bother me the most. Ironically, I don’t mind watching or listening to Haley crunch food or chew with her mouth open. As a matter of fact, I find it amusing.

Why am I so tolerant of Haley’s crunching when sometimes I have to leave the room when a human is eating the same way? The truth is, there are very few things that bother me about dogs compared to humans. Yes, it’s not always pleasant when a panting dog gets in your face to greet you with their steamy dog breath or when you reach down to pet your pup only to realize they’ve just rolled in some nasty smelling substance, but I generally find dogs to be much less annoying than people.

I wonder if dogs feel the same way. I’m sure they have their people pet peeves, but are they more tolerant of humans than other dogs? Haley prefers the company of people over dogs, but I can always tell when she’s irritated with me. She’ll walk away from me but turn her head enough to give me “the look” or she’ll slowly lie down while letting out a grumble of displeasure when she doesn’t get her way. If I had to guess, these would be Haley’s top three people pet peeves.

My Pet’s Pet Peeves

  • Haley’s not a fan of having food balanced on her nose then trying to catch it in the air. I think she feels it’s quite demeaning.
  • Loud sneezes from the humans will sometimes send her out of the room.
  • Hearing the phrase, “In a little bit” means maybe later to Haley and I usually get a little doggy back talk in return.

Whether it’s loud crunching or loud sneezes, I guess we all have things that irritate us sometimes. Are you more tolerant of pets than people when it comes to peeves? Go ahead, vent your most annoying pet peeves in the comment section and let us know your pet’s pet peeves too!

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      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Haley agrees with Leo on the feet! It would be interesting to know what causes their associations, like maybe someone tried clicker training with Mia before you got her and it didn’t go well.

    • Wait, or just a minute are our top pet peeves at our house. Just a minute can be like hours if Mom is at the computer! Katie would say it is photos. These days she is pretty much out of the photo shoots, but before she started feeling poorly, she disliked the camera thing. She especially never has liked being asked to do silly things for photos.

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        I bet Katie’s glad you’re so cooperative with the props and photo shoots, Emma. You’re a natural model and the camera loves you! ?

    • Ruby is pretty easy going. She doesn’t like taking her medicine, but still tolerates it.

      I don’t like when people are super loud especially in public places or feel a need to talk constantly. I also am not a meeting person and get especially annoyed when others in meetings make them take longer because they won’t stopping talking about tiny details that could be solved in emails. OK, I feel better now. Venting is fun sometimes.

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Oh my gosh, senseless meetings are the worst! I once had a boss that wanted to have team meetings every morning to get a status update. As web programmers, there was very little to talk about on a daily basis. Luckily, he didn’t last too long on the project, lol!

    • Hershey’s pet peeve is small, fluffy, white dogs.
      Perch hates it when you try to get him off a guest’s shoulder while he’s busy eating their hair.
      Graham hates to have his toes messed with, especially when he’s asleep.
      Morph hates when it’s quiet and solves it with soul shattering yowling.
      Marsha isn’t fond of being left alone with Hershey.
      Eris hates human sneezing.

      My favorite pet peeve is a dog I know from the dog park who’s name is Peeve.

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Lol, it sounds like a lot of fun at your house! Perch must really keep things interesting but the whole gang together must be entertaining. Now, all you need to do is invite Peeve over for a pup party! ?

    • Haha! All your pet peeves are exactly like mine. 🙂 How ya gonna look at me like I’m crazy when you’re blocking the aisle?! Then I’m nice enough to say “excuse me”, too?! Wonder where some people get their manners from 😉 lol

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Yes! Sometimes it’s almost like they have an “I was here first.” mentality and they think it’s rude for someone to suggest they move at all.

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        It would be hard being a letter carrier if you’re a dog lover. I would keep trying to win over all those pups by carrying treats with me.

    • I love hearing our boys crunch on their food, especially with things like carrots or crunchy romaine lettuce.

      I can definitely relate. Things that bother me about humans are far greater than NOTHING that annoys me about dogs. But then again, I have been known to say that I prefer dogs over humans. 🙂

    • My pet peeve involves nail clipping. This is not an activity that should be done at one’s desk or on public transit. But apparently, I am the only one that feels that way.

      Liam the pug really has no peeves. His a joyful guy about almost anything. But Sinead has a long list of grievances, including humans that try to pick her up, humans that walk through her yard, cats that wake her when she’s sleeping, pugs that will not chase her, birds that caw during the day, wind blowing too fast…. I could keep going.

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        I stand with you on this, Jean! I used to share a cubicle at work with a guy that clipped his fingernails while sitting at his desk. I never understood why he did that, but luckily he never clipped his toenails while in the office, lol!

    • Haha, I so agree with you as far as humans are concerned who make noise while eating their food – totally annoying. It also irritates me to see women’s uncared for feet in sandals, you know, long toenails, nail polish that only covers half of the nails, and dry, cracked skin.

      Buzz’s pet peeve is taking a break from playing fetch with his beloved chuck-it ball, and Missy’s is not getting enough belly rubs 😉

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Those long toenails, yes! They kind of creep me out too. ? Don’t you love the look you get when you try to get away with giving a quick belly rub? Haha!

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        That’s always where little kids and most adults reach for when petting a dog too. I guess it must be human nature to do that, but I always tell kids to pet Haley on her chest when she’s sitting.

    • I get annoyed at people who dominate conversations and/or who only talk about themselves without ever showing interest in anyone else.

      My pet rats get peeved when I tell them “Food is not love”. They stare hard at me silently willing me to give them just one more treat.

      I agree that the things our pets do are so much easier to tolerate than if it’s people doing the same thing. (For example, I’d much rather clean up after a pet than I would a human.)

      Great post and topic!

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Somehow, I always seem to attract those people that only want to talk about themselves, lol!

        I can picture your rats looking at you and thinking, “Yes, food is not love but if you love me, you’ll give me one more treat.” It’s hard to resist those looks too! ?

    • Your pet peeves are the same as mine!! So true!
      I also can’t stand finger/knuckle popping noises, slow drivers in general, and people who don’t pick up after their dogs.

      As for Haley, she’s just so darned cute chewing her food and she looks so happy you have to love that face!

      Dante feels Haley’s pain, he also hates to balance treats. And Ziva definitely prefers the company of humans over other dogs.

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        I just realized that I’ve never popped my knuckles or fingers. I don’t even know how to do that, but I hate the noise too.

        I bet Dante gives you the same look that Haley gives me when putting food on their noses. You can almost see a canine version of an eye roll as they turn their heads away, haha!

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Haha! If they had it their way, the time would slowly creep up 30 minutes each day until dinner became breakfast, right?

    • Oh, boy… Rita and I both have quite a few pet peeves…. Let me see if I can narrow it down!

      One for me that I REALLY hate is when folks carry on loud cell phone conversations in a public toilet. Good grief – what are they thinking???

      Rita’s is when Momma sticks the camera in her face. 🙂

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        That’s strange, isn’t it? With all the bathroom noises and toilets flushing, yuk! What’s worse though is having a conversation with someone when you realize they’re actually at home using the bathroom while you’re talking to them.

    • I am definitely more tolerant of my dog and cats habits than humans. My latest pet peeve are people who jog on the sidewalk with their dog and come charging down the street right into Bailey and me while we are trying to walk. I think it’s Bailey’s biggest pet peeve too.

    • I think me and my dogs all HATE when people don’t pick up after their dogs! There’s nothing worse than stepping in someone else’s nasty stuff. My Husky Icy also hates when we go to bed too late. She likes her peace & quiet after a certain hour.
      Love & Biscuits,
      Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        I agree, Cathy! It seems like more people are picking up after their dogs, but in some areas of our town, it’s like walking through a canine minefield. Yuk!

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