50 Ways to Save Money on Dog Expenses

50 Ways to Save Money on Dog Expenses

Have you ever calculated how much you spend a year on your dog? I haven’t because I’m not sure I really want to know. By just guesstimating the cost of food, vet bills, medications, supplements, toys, and other supplies—it’s a lot! Haley’s worth every penny we spend on her, but it sure is nice when we can save a few … Read More

Why Dogs Make Us Laugh

Why Dogs Make Us Laugh

With all their goofy looks and antics, it’s no wonder we cherish our dogs as our best friends. Dogs make us laugh when they’re unpredictable and silly. They entertain us with their playful nature and creative problem solving skills. But I think one of the biggest reasons dogs make us laugh is their human-like behaviors and expressions. Even though they … Read More

Is Your Dog Stressed Out?

Is Your Dog Stressed Out?

We all know that too much stress can be harmful to our mental and physical health. So, to celebrate Stress Awareness Month this April, let’s focus on creating some new, healthy habits to reduce our stress and anxiety levels. Spending quality time with our pets certainly helps and maybe you’ve even wished you could trade places with your dog during … Read More

My Favorite Global Pet Expo Products 2017

My Favorite Global Pet Expo Products

From food to fashion and everything in between, the 2017 Global Pet Expo had it all and I was thrilled to be there this year to take it all in! I was glad to see the ever-expanding field of healthy food/treats and health-related products. Probiotics, herbal remedies and hemp-based products are gaining in popularity. Healthy chews and other products to … Read More

The 2017 Global Pet Expo!

The 2017 Global Pet Expo

Last year, I was planning on attending the Global Pet Expo but unfortunately we had to cancel our plans after Haley tore her CCL and needed surgery right before the show. I was so disappointed to miss the event last year, but I’m thrilled to be here today at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida to discover all … Read More

How to Use a Dremel Tool to Trim Your Dog’s Toenails

How to Use a Dremel Tool to Trim Your Dog's Toenails

Does your dog hate getting their nails trimmed? Haley’s never liked having hers trimmed and as she got older it became a real struggle. Literally! It was getting so stressful for both of us that I felt it was time to try a new approach. Did you know that you can ditch those old clippers and use a Dremel® tool … Read More

Why Does My Dog Like Some Dogs But Not Others?

Why Does My Dog Like Some Dogs But Not Others?

Some dogs seem to love all other dogs and will play and be social with each one they meet. At the other end of the spectrum are reactive dogs that seem to be aggressive with almost all other dogs. But most of us have dogs that are somewhere in the middle, they like some dogs but not others. If your … Read More

Does Your Dog Give Dirty Looks?

Does Your Dog Give Dirty Looks?

We dog owners are often accused by canine researchers of assigning human emotions to our pups. But according to Stanley Coren in his article for Psychology Today, those dirty looks just might be real. Stanley doesn’t have to convince me though. If Haley had a middle finger, she would probably use it occasionally to express her feelings. I should probably … Read More

Grow Young with Your Dog – A Book Review and Giveaway!

Grow Young With Your Dog - Book Review

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway and congratulations to Shanna, the winner of Mary’s signed copy of Grow Young With Your Dog! Do we have to accept that as we get older we’re going to feel old and tired? Mary Debono challenges that way of thinking, both for people and their pets, in her book Grow Young with … Read More

10 Dog Training Mistakes You Might Be Making

10 Dog Training Mistakes You Might Be Making

The results from my reader survey are in and the number one request is for more articles on dog training. So, let’s get started! How many of these common dog training mistakes are you making? No worries if you’re guilty of a few of these. I’ve made plenty of mistakes too, just ask Haley! This is a brief list but … Read More