Get Inspired With Prisma!


Get Inspired With Prisma

Have you tried Prisma yet? My daughter-in-law, Colleen, showed me the app a few weeks ago and I’ve fallen in love with all of the amazingly creative effects this free app can generate from the pictures on my phone. I have to warn you though, it’s addictive!

I’m just starting to experiment with using real paint and brushes on canvas, but Haley’s been creating nose art on our windows for nearly ten years. Together, we’ve come up with our five favorite effects you’ll find in Prisma.

Click the tabs above each image to view each effect’s before and after images.


Dog Without Prisma Femme Effect
Dog With Prisma Femme Effect

Transverse Line

Dog Without Prisma Transverse Line Effect
Dog With Prisma Transverse Line Effect


Dog Without Prisma Tokyo Effect
Dog With Prisma Tokyo Effect


Dog Without Prisma Candy Effect
Dog With Prisma Candy Effect


Dog Without Prisma Mosaic Effect
Dog With Prisma Mosaic Effect

Who’s this, you ask? Meet Murphy! He’s my sister’s soft-coated wheaten terrier and the newest member of our family’s canine crew.?


Buzz from K9s Over CoffeeThis is one of my favorite blogger pups, Buzz from K9s Over Coffee. Thanks Barbara for sharing this creative split image. I love it! ?

Ok, now it’s your turn! It’s fun and it’s free, so get the right side of your brain working on your Picasso pup or pet. Download the app, create your favorite Prisma dog art, then upload your image in the comment section below. Tell us which effect you used and we’ll display your masterpiece here on the page. Get Inspired With Prisma

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