An Easy Halloween Costume With Dog Safe Paint

Skeleton Dog With Dog Safe Paint

I admit it. I shamelessly copied Bryn Anderson and her dog Nixe’s incredible Halloween costume idea. And since Haley already has the triangular shapes around her eyes from her naturally graying face, it just seems like it was meant to be. She’s going to be a skeleton dog for Halloween this year! But don’t let my lack of creatively stop … Read More

The Coolest Dogs Are San Francisco Dogs!

The Coolest Dogs Are San Francisco Dogs

I know, I know — there are cool canines all over the United States and across the globe, but there’s something quite unique about San Francisco dogs. Maybe it’s the vibe of the city itself or the sheer number of dog lovers and their pooches that reside there, but it’s true — the coolest dogs live in San Francisco! It’s … Read More

Get Inspired With Prisma!

Get Inspired With Prisma

Have you tried Prisma yet? My daughter-in-law, Colleen, showed me the app a few weeks ago and I’ve fallen in love with all of the amazingly creative effects this free app can generate from the pictures on my phone. I have to warn you though, it’s addictive! I’m just starting to experiment with using real paint and brushes on canvas, … Read More

A Dog’s Tongue

A Dog's Tongue

Sweet, smiling, tasting, thirsty, tired, sneaky, yuk, yum, lick, kiss! The purpose and personality of a dog’s tongue. Sweet kisses from a butterfly Smiling at the stone-faced guy Tasting a turkey foot at the store Thirsty tongue drinks some more Tired and hot, it stretches out flat Sneaky, it swipes a kiss from the cat Yuk, I’ve got a mouth … Read More

Why We Love Dogs

Why We Love Dogs

What do you do when your web hosting company struggles to get your server back online and healthy? These last couple of days have been pretty frustrating, but if you’re reading this, at least the server is operational at the moment and hopefully they’ve resolved the issue. It’s so aggravating when there’s nothing you can do about a problem except … Read More

Who Does Your Dog Look Like?

Who Does Your Dog Look Like?

Some people look like their dogs. Some dogs look like people. Since Haley started going gray in the face, she reminds me of a certain 70’s rocker. I kind of hate seeing all that gray but she’s got some new character and designs on her face that look pretty cool on a senior lady and she still has the energy … Read More

March Madness – Featuring Sports for Dogs!

March Madness - Sports for Dogs

Today’s Wordless Wednesday post celebrates dogs that love playing sports with their humans. It’s springtime and March Madness has just begun, so here’s Haley tipping things off by playing her favorite sport, basketball! If your dog isn’t a fan of basketball, that’s okay. Check out these other sports for dogs: baseball, hockey, football and tennis. Try different ways of including … Read More