A Dog’s Tongue


A Dog's Tongue

Sweet, smiling, tasting, thirsty, tired, sneaky, yuk, yum, lick, kiss!
The purpose and personality of a dog’s tongue.

Butterfly Dog
Sweet kisses from a butterfly
Dog With Statue
Smiling at the stone-faced guy
Dog Licking Turkey Foot
Tasting a turkey foot at the store
Dog Drinking From Fountain
Thirsty tongue drinks some more
Dog With Long Tongue
Tired and hot, it stretches out flat
Dog Kissing Cat
Sneaky, it swipes a kiss from the cat
Dog With Sandy Face
Yuk, I’ve got a mouth full of sand
Dog Licking Chops
Yum, a treat when I learn a command
Dog Licking Snow
Licking my nose, it’s covered with snow
Grandma Dog
Kiss your grandma before you go!

When browsing through all of the pictures of Haley over the years, it’s always her kooky tongue pictures that make me laugh the most. Sometimes it seems like a dog’s tongue has a life of its own. Even though it’s one of my favorite features about Haley, she didn’t feel quite the same way about the human-like, gummy tongues we had around Halloween time last year. ?

What’s your favorite feature about your dog? A Dog's Tongue

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