14 Things Your Dog Hates

14 Things Your Dog Hates

We all know that most dogs hate fireworks, baths, vet visits, and dressing up for Halloween. But here are some other things your dog hates that might not be as obvious to you. Could you be irritating your dog and not even know it? How many of these things do you do? Even though we humans like hugs, most dogs … Read More

A Dog’s Tongue

A Dog's Tongue

Sweet, smiling, tasting, thirsty, tired, sneaky, yuk, yum, lick, kiss! The purpose and personality of a dog’s tongue. Sweet kisses from a butterfly Smiling at the stone-faced guy Tasting a turkey foot at the store Thirsty tongue drinks some more Tired and hot, it stretches out flat Sneaky, it swipes a kiss from the cat Yuk, I’ve got a mouth … Read More

Leading Your Dog by the Nose

Leading Your Dog by the Nose

This training tip is so simple it almost seems silly to write about it, but some dog owners might not realize how effective this positive training technique can be when training a new behavior. Leading your dog by the nose means you’re using your pup’s primary sense, his sense of smell, to motivate him to learn more quickly. What’s the … Read More

Why Do Female Dogs Mark Their Territory?

Why Do Female Dogs Mark Their Territory?

When I think about dogs marking their territory, the first image that comes to mind is a male dog hiking his leg and relieving himself on every bush, pole or fire hydrant he comes across. I never associated urine marking with female dogs until Haley started doing it a few years ago. It’s common for intact males or unspayed females … Read More

Dog Vision – How Dogs See the World

How Dogs See the World

Have you ever thought about how dogs see the world? I’ve often wondered why Haley doesn’t seem to notice our resident chipmunk sitting on the edge of the porch during the day, even when I try to point him out to her. Yet, she’ll let me know that she sees something up ahead while we’re walking through our wooded neighborhood … Read More