A Dog’s Tongue

A Dog's Tongue

Sweet, smiling, tasting, thirsty, tired, sneaky, yuk, yum, lick, kiss! The purpose and personality of a dog’s tongue. Sweet kisses from a butterfly Smiling at the stone-faced guy Tasting a turkey foot at the store Thirsty tongue drinks some more Tired and hot, it stretches out flat Sneaky, it swipes a kiss from the cat Yuk, I’ve got a mouth … Read More

The Thankful Dog

The Thankful Dog

A thanksgiving tradition for many families is to take turns mentioning what each person is thankful for. When Haley’s hovering around the table, hoping for a charitable donation from a pet-loving pilgrim, I often wonder what she might say she’s thankful for. Maybe it would be something like this. The Thankful Dog I’m thankful for the day you adopted me … Read More