10 Dog Training Mistakes You Might Be Making

10 Dog Training Mistakes You Might Be Making

The results from my reader survey are in and the number one request is for more articles on dog training. So, let’s get started! How many of these common dog training mistakes are you making? No worries if you’re guilty of a few of these. I’ve made plenty of mistakes too, just ask Haley! This is a brief list but … Read More

Help! My Dog Doesn’t Work for Treats

My Dog Doesn't Work for Treats

When it comes to dog training, almost every article you read suggests using food or treats as an incentive, especially with positive reinforcement training. Food is a great motivator for most dogs but every once in a while, I get a comment or email from a reader saying their dog doesn’t work for treats. What? How can it be that … Read More

Alpha Dogs and Pack Mentality – Revisited

Alpha Dogs and Pack Mentality

We’ve all heard the advice that as dog owners, we should be the alpha dog or pack leader in our house or else our dogs will assume the role, take over, and pretty much make our lives miserable. That’s the basic theory behind traditional dog training methods, made even more popular by a certain TV-show dog rehabilitator. The training style … Read More

Using Corrections With Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Using Corrections With Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

In the world of positive reinforcement (reward-based) dog training, the term “correction” almost seems like a bad word. For many people, it conjures up images of old school trainers that use aversive, physical methods and tools to train and control their dogs. As a matter of fact, many dog training facilities that only use positive reinforcement (+R) techniques never mention … Read More

Leading Your Dog by the Nose

Leading Your Dog by the Nose

This training tip is so simple it almost seems silly to write about it, but some dog owners might not realize how effective this positive training technique can be when training a new behavior. Leading your dog by the nose means you’re using your pup’s primary sense, his sense of smell, to motivate him to learn more quickly. What’s the … Read More

Help! My Dog Doesn’t Come When Called

My Dog Doesn't Come When Called

I’m sure we’ve all experienced at one time or another a dog that doesn’t listen. When your dog doesn’t come when called, it can be frustrating, embarrassing and in some cases, downright dangerous. Even the best trained dog can occasionally get distracted by an unusually interesting scent or an intense game of chase with a cat or squirrel, but we … Read More