Is Your Dog Stressed Out?

Is Your Dog Stressed Out?

We all know that too much stress can be harmful to our mental and physical health. So, to celebrate Stress Awareness Month this April, let’s focus on creating some new, healthy habits to reduce our stress and anxiety levels. Spending quality time with our pets certainly helps and maybe you’ve even wished you could trade places with your dog during … Read More

Grow Young with Your Dog – A Book Review and Giveaway!

Grow Young With Your Dog - Book Review

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway and congratulations to Shanna, the winner of Mary’s signed copy of Grow Young With Your Dog! Do we have to accept that as we get older we’re going to feel old and tired? Mary Debono challenges that way of thinking, both for people and their pets, in her book Grow Young with … Read More

10 Tips for Dog Swimming Events

10 Tips for Dog Swimming Events

The dog days of summer have never been more fun! It’s that time of year when community pools start holding their end-of-season dog swimming events. These doggie swims are getting more popular and one of our local pools even turned their annual event into a festival with free goodie bags, vendors, contests and an adoptable dog parade. Plus, they donate … Read More

Is Your Dog Always Pulling on the Leash?

Is Your Dog Always Pulling on the Leash?

If you struggle with your dog pulling on the leash every time you take a walk, you’re not alone. It’s probably the most common problem dog owners complain about, especially for those people with larger dogs. I have to admit, I’ve been postponing writing this article for quite a while because it’s an issue that I’ve struggled with myself. But … Read More

Do You Hate Walking Your Dog in the Winter?

Do You Hate Walking Your Dog in the Winter?

It’s okay, I’ll be the first one to answer that question. Yes! Sometimes I do hate going for walks with Haley when it’s bitterly cold and miserable outside. When the weather’s really nasty, we find other ways to exercise like some of the ideas I wrote about in my article, 12 Easy Ways to Exercise Your Dog in the Winter. … Read More

Our Success with Adequan for Arthritis

Our Success With Adequan for Arthritis

I’m so excited to share this post with you! You see, I’ve been a little worried about Haley for the past year. She’s always been a very energetic and athletic dog but after recovering from a stretched CCL (similar to a human’s ACL) two years ago, she hasn’t been quite the same. Her CCL healed and tightened back up, but … Read More

Haley’s Picks for the Best Treat Dispensing Toys

The Best Treat Dispensing Toys

Note: This is NOT a paid or compensated review, but a review of two products that I purchased for my own use. I enjoy sharing information about products you may like or find useful and you’ll always receive my honest and unbiased opinion. When do we use treat dispensing toys? Uh, pretty much every day! If you haven’t tried any … Read More

How to Train Your Dog to Walk Off Leash – A Hiker’s Guide

How to Train Your Dog to Walk Off Leash

There’s only one thing that Haley loves more than playing with her basketball, and that’s going for an off-leash hike. The moment I let her loose, her eyes brighten, a smile spreads across her face and there’s a joyful bounce in her gait as she begins to connect with her wild, canine ancestors and become one with nature. She can … Read More

Bark for Life – Honoring Canine Caregivers and Families

Bark for Life Honors Canine Caregivers and Families

This past Saturday was our local Bark for Life event sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Maybe you’ve taken part in a Relay for Life event before, but have you and your dog ever participated in Bark for Life? This was our first time attending the event with Haley. If you’re not familiar with Bark for Life, it’s a fundraising … Read More

12 Simple Ways to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

12 Simple Ways to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Pet obesity continues to be a problem here in the United States. A survey conducted last year by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that 52.7% of dogs in the US are either overweight or obese. But what’s more surprising is that 95% of dog owners identified their dogs as being normal weight. Our overweight dogs have an elevated … Read More