Bark for Life – Honoring Canine Caregivers and Families


Bark for Life Honors Canine Caregivers and FamiliesThis past Saturday was our local Bark for Life event sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Maybe you’ve taken part in a Relay for Life event before, but have you and your dog ever participated in Bark for Life? This was our first time attending the event with Haley.

Bark for Life DogIf you’re not familiar with Bark for Life, it’s a fundraising event honoring canine caregivers and those whose lives have been affected by cancer. For many cancer patients and their family members, dogs play a huge role in helping to provide unconditional love and compassion and this is a beautiful way to honor all of them. Anyone is welcome to bring their dog to the event and join in the walk.

The Bark for Life includes a one mile walk with your dog and other fun, dog-related events like contests, games, canine demonstrations, music, food and of course, a little fundraising. Sponsors set up tents where you can talk to various pet professionals, browse cool dog products and maybe even pick up a few samples or freebies.

Bark for Life DogIt was heartwarming to hear cancer survivors share their stories of canine companionship during the event. Yesterday, we heard from a local woman who decided to rescue a Rottweiler dog while she was battling breast cancer. She was so grateful for the love, comfort and companionship her dog provided during her illness that now, as a cancer survivor, she has created her own Rottweiler rescue organization. It was an inspiring story of hope, love and giving back.

Despite a few sprinkles here and there, the event was a huge success and it felt wonderful to take part in the celebration. Bark for Life events are a great opportunity to meet and support others in your community and celebrate your common love of dogs. It’s also a fun way to exercise and socialize your dog while supporting the American Cancer Society’s commitment to eliminate cancer.

Bark for Life Dogs

Canine Caregivers Celebrating Bark for Life

If you would like to participate in Bark for Life, check their Find an Event page to search for events in your area. You can register in advance or just show up at the event with your donation. If you participate in Relay for Life, there are ways for you or your team to also incorporate Bark for Life into your fundraising strategy. You may also be interested in organizing or becoming a volunteer at your local Bark for Life event.

Do you have a favorite dog-related fundraising event? I would love to hear about it!

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