10 Tips for Dog Swimming Events

10 Tips for Dog Swimming Events

The dog days of summer have never been more fun! It’s that time of year when community pools start holding their end-of-season dog swimming events. These doggie swims are getting more popular and one of our local pools even turned their annual event into a festival with free goodie bags, vendors, contests and an adoptable dog parade. Plus, they donate … Read More

Why You Should Celebrate National Pet Month!

Why You Should Celebrate National Pet Month

I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes at the thought of another “National” something or other day or month, but this one is all about our best friends. Let’s face it, we all get lazy sometimes or settle into a routine with our pups, so the month of May is a perfect time to shake things up and celebrate National … Read More

Bark for Life – Honoring Canine Caregivers and Families

Bark for Life Honors Canine Caregivers and Families

This past Saturday was our local Bark for Life event sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Maybe you’ve taken part in a Relay for Life event before, but have you and your dog ever participated in Bark for Life? This was our first time attending the event with Haley. If you’re not familiar with Bark for Life, it’s a fundraising … Read More

Do You Have a Dog That Doesn’t Like to Play?

Dog that doesn't like to play

I recently read an interesting article by Jen from Puppy Leaks called A Game of Tug is the Best Training Reward I’ve Found where Jen talks about how she uses a tug toy as a training tool for her dog, Laika. Training often involves using treats for motivation but Laika loves tug-of-war so much that Jen discovered using a tug … Read More

Searching for the Best Dog Ball – One World Futbol Review

Searching for the Best Dog Ball - One World Futbol Review

Note: This is NOT a paid or compensated review, but a review of a product that I purchased for my own use. I enjoy sharing information about products you may like or find useful and you’ll always receive my honest and unbiased opinion. What dog doesn’t like a ball to chase, right? There are more dog balls and toys on … Read More

10 Easy Ways to Find Dogs for Playdates

10 Easy Ways to Find Dogs for Playdates

Dogs love playing with other dogs and socializing puppies is essential for raising a well-balanced dog, but sometimes finding other dogs for your dog to interact and play with can be a challenge. For dogs that are overwhelmed by crowded, high-energy dog parks, playdates might be the perfect solution, but how do you find dogs for playdates? It’s not like … Read More

Teach Your Dog to Play Find It

Teach Your Dog to Play Find It

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to entertain your dog on a cold winter afternoon, why not teach your dog to play Find It? Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and they love to use their noses to hunt and track things, especially yummy things! We humans use sight as our primary sense, but dogs primarily … Read More

How to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday – Dog Style!

Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday, Dog Style

Is your pup’s special day coming up soon? Are you looking for a way to celebrate your dog’s birthday? I’ve never been one for doggy birthday parties with banners, balloons, doggy friends or a dog-healthy homemade cake and I definitely know Haley would not be thrilled about wearing a party hat for twenty minutes while I try to get the … Read More

12 Easy Ways to Exercise Your Dog in the Winter

Dog playing basketball in the snow

If you’re like me, you love the change of seasons, but it’s not always fun or convenient to find ways to exercise your dog in the winter, especially when the days are shorter and it gets dark earlier. For those of us that live in the northern United States, wintertime walks can be beautiful sometimes, but it’s usually all about … Read More