50 Ways to Save Money on Dog Expenses

50 Ways to Save Money on Dog Expenses

Have you ever calculated how much you spend a year on your dog? I haven’t because I’m not sure I really want to know. By just guesstimating the cost of food, vet bills, medications, supplements, toys, and other supplies—it’s a lot! Haley’s worth every penny we spend on her, but it sure is nice when we can save a few … Read More

My Favorite Global Pet Expo Products 2017

My Favorite Global Pet Expo Products

From food to fashion and everything in between, the 2017 Global Pet Expo had it all and I was thrilled to be there this year to take it all in! I was glad to see the ever-expanding field of healthy food/treats and health-related products. Probiotics, herbal remedies and hemp-based products are gaining in popularity. Healthy chews and other products to … Read More

The 2017 Global Pet Expo!

The 2017 Global Pet Expo

Last year, I was planning on attending the Global Pet Expo but unfortunately we had to cancel our plans after Haley tore her CCL and needed surgery right before the show. I was so disappointed to miss the event last year, but I’m thrilled to be here today at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida to discover all … Read More

10 Reasons Why I Love Chewy.com

Why I Love Chewy

Note: This is NOT a paid or compensated review, but a review of a company that I’ve purchased products from. I enjoy sharing information about companies that provide great value and service and you’ll always receive my honest and unbiased opinion. I’ve been ordering food and pet supplies from Chewy for quite a while now and I’ve been thoroughly impressed … Read More

3 Quick & Easy Frozen Dog Treats

3 Quick & Easy Frozen Dog Treats

We’re heading into the hottest time of the year here in Ohio and there’s no better way to beat the heat than with a frosty, summertime treat! Here are three tasty recipes for quick and easy frozen dog treats that’ll keep your pup cool all summer long. These are three layer pupsicles with sweet potato on the top and bottom … Read More

7 Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs

7 Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs

Yay! The official start of the fall season is less than a week away and I’m ready to celebrate its arrival! The temperatures are slowly dropping, all the kids are back in school and I saw the first pumpkins for sale last week. I know it’s a little early, but I just had to buy a few. It’s almost time … Read More

Do Dogs Barter? – Trading Toys for Treats

Do Dogs Barter?

Something odd happened not too long ago that made me feel pretty unobservant as a dog owner and left me intrigued about my dog’s behavior. The question “Do dogs barter?” had never crossed my mind until… One day, sitting comfortably on the couch (notebook in lap and visiting lots of amazing dog blogs), I noticed Haley had arrived in front … Read More

Why You Should Make Homemade Dog Treats

Homemade Dog Treats

I know, it sounds like a hassle to make your own dog treats, but there’s a good reason to consider getting that mixer out and baking up a batch of some homemade snacks for your dog. It seems like every day there’s a new warning about a brand or line of dog treats that’s been recalled because it contains ingredients … Read More