Do Dogs Barter? – Trading Toys for Treats

Do Dogs Barter?

Something odd happened not too long ago that made me feel pretty unobservant as a dog owner and left me intrigued about my dog’s behavior. The question “Do dogs barter?” had never crossed my mind until… One day, sitting comfortably on the couch (notebook in lap and visiting lots of amazing dog blogs), I noticed Haley had arrived in front … Read More

The Male vs. Female Dog Debate

Male and Female Boxers

Do you have a preference between male and female dogs? In this battle of the sexes, the male vs. female dog (or better stated, dog vs. bitch) debate tries to uncover whether behavioral and temperament differences exist between male and female dogs that have been spayed or neutered at the appropriate ages. I’ve always had female dogs and do have … Read More

Getting Your Dog’s Attention

Getting Dog's Attention

Have you ever been frustrated over getting your dog’s attention? Maybe you were calling your dog to come in from outside or trying to teach her a new command and it felt like she was deliberately ignoring you. You’re not alone. One of the most common problems dog owners complain about is that their dogs won’t listen to them. It’s … Read More

Is My Dog a Wolf in Dog’s Clothing?

Howling Wolves

We sometimes hear animal behaviorists and dog trainers refer to characteristics of the wolf in attempt to understand and explain dog behavior, but is it really that simple? Probably not. Yes, it’s true our modern day best friend, the dog, is a descendant from the grey wolf and shares at least 99.96 percent of its genes, but a lot has … Read More