Why Dogs Make Us Laugh


Why Dogs Make Us LaughWith all their goofy looks and antics, it’s no wonder we cherish our dogs as our best friends. Dogs make us laugh when they’re unpredictable and silly. They entertain us with their playful nature and creative problem solving skills. But I think one of the biggest reasons dogs make us laugh is their human-like behaviors and expressions. Even though they don’t share most of our human emotions, sometimes they seem to act like young children. Maybe that’s why we even find it humorous when they’re a little mischievous.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Today, I’m doing my part in encouraging you to celebrating National Humor Month. I know, another one of those silly holidays or special months you’ve probably never heard of, right? But this one is truly worth celebrating all year long. Laughter not only increases the level of endorphins which make us feel better, but it can also lower blood pressure, reduce stress and boost our immune systems.

So, if you happen to need a humor boost this month, start by looking through some of your pup pics and share your funniest image with us in the comment section below. I’ll get things started with some of Haley’s amusing antics.

Why Our Dogs Make Us Laugh

Dog Going Down SlideTrying New Things
Dog Going Down SlideEven Though They Don't Always Go As Planned
Dirty Dog Bath

Finding the Absolute Best Place to Take a Bath

Dog in Halloween HatParty Girl on Saturday Night
Dog in Halloween HatChurch on Sunday Morning
Dog Biting Basketball

Taking a Bite Out of Life

Dog Biting Cardboard Box

And Never Worrying About Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Dog Riding Luggage CartSome Lazy Dayz
Dog Riding Luggage CartSome Crazy Dayz
Dog Retrieving Log

Not Being Afraid to Rise to a Challenge

Dog Stuck on Tree Branch

Or Admit Defeat!

Dog Biting BumbleBiting Someone's Head Off
Dog Biting BumbleThen Almost Getting Yours Bit Off!
Dog Playing Ping Pong

Playing Puppy Ping Pong

Dog Playing Air Hockey

Then Moving on to Scoring Big Points!

Dog Wearing Angel WingsSometimes the Sweet Angel
Dog Wearing Angel WingsSometimes a Little Devil
Dog With Man Statue

Always Ready to Greet a Friendly Face

Dog With Pink Flamingos

Or Defend The Yard Against Flamboyant Invaders

Dog With Sandy NoseWorking on Keeping My Nose Clean
Dog With Sandy NoseAnd Not Sticking It Where It Doesn't Belong

Don’t feel bad for laughing at your dog. They might just be laughing at you too. Konrad Lorenz, a Nobel Prize winning ethnologist, believes that dogs do laugh and here’s how you can recognize it and maybe even learn to laugh with them. Give it a try!

Tell us why your dog makes you laugh and share your photo with us below. Even though some studies show that dogs make people laugh more than cats, we’re not so sure about that. I love them both, so feel free to upload those funny feline pics too!

31 Comments on “Why Dogs Make Us Laugh”

      • That’s the best word to describe them, Jaime…”Joy”! If we could capture, bottle and sell it, we could make a fortune, lol.😆

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Many thanks, Monika! I loved the cartoon you shared today too!😂 I hope things settle down a little bit for you guys at the ranch but in the meantime, be sure to take some time to relax and snuggle up with Sam.💗

    • Elaine, thank you so much for making me smile today! LOVE those puppy pics of Haley on the slide. 🙂

      Here’s kitten Piper… she’s a tiny little goofball!! <3

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Oh my gosh, Piper is just adorable and looks so huggable! I love that image and I bet she keeps you entertained too. Thanks so much for sharing her picture.💗

    • Thanks for encouraging laugher & sharing the fun pics of your puppy! The D-O-G in my household does goofy things like running figure eights around the house & scratching at the carpet yarns to make a nest! She has silly ears that she uses as an eye mask when sleeping, too! I can’t explain her! Tee hee hee!

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Haha! I just love those eye shades and she sounds hilarious with her running routine. Don’t they just crack you up when they get a little crazy? It’s so much fun watching them have fun.😆 Thanks for sharing her adorable picture with us, love it!💗

    • What a cute post!! So many funny pics. Can’t decide which one I like best… I think the Sunday church bonnet maybe. Cute cute!

      Rita makes us laugh every day! Like, right now she’s completely stretched out on the couch, as long as she can possibly be… so that there’s no room for our doggy house guest Reggie to get up with her. 🙂 Such a brat.

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Don’t let that church hat fool ya, Jackie. Lol! It’s so nice that Reggie comes to visit so often. Those two must be hilarious together.😂

    • “Maybe that’s why we even find it humorous when they’re a little mischievous.”

      Or maybe it’s because a mischievous dog does so much less damage than a mischievous person. 🙂

      My funny picture of Honey is actually a sound. When we get off the boat after a long day, Honey flops down on the ground and rolls in gratitude. The sound is the big thud her body makes from her “enthusiastic” drop and roll.

      I wish I could record it. It’s very loud. And a little startling.

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Ah, that must feel so good to Honey to get back on solid ground and roll in the green grass! She’s got the best of both worlds, haha! Maybe you can catch a video of her “happy thud” on your phone sometime.

    • Laughter truly is the best medicine, and no one provides it better than our dogs. One thing I love is when I get home from work and Cricket rolls around in the grass in the yard….her sheer joy always makes me laugh!

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Ah, sweet Cricket! I know what you mean about how it makes us feel just watching them experience such happiness.💗

    • Humor is SO good for the soul! I believe it’s good for healing the body as well, when all the good hormones are released to counter all the bad hormones we produce. These photos are fabulous! My dogs always make me laugh. This old photo of my dog Icy biting Gumby’s head off always makes me laugh – she really had it out for poor Gumby, LOL!
      Love & Biscuits,
      Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Icy versus Gumby…I know who’s going to win that round, haha! You’re so right about those happy hormones too.😊 Thanks for sharing Icy’s takedown pic!😆

    • That picture of Haley in the sprinkler is amazing! Looks like it could be Funniest Home Videos material if it were a video 🙂

      Here’s a picture of my cat Buddy being a goof. He likes this position so much he even sleeps like that sometimes. I’ve never had a cat who sleeps on his back before.

    • My Lab Lexi passed away in June ..so hard for me . Not only worries regarding the pandemic..I lost my loving Lexi. I have always loved the Chesapeake Labs. But I know so little about them or where to find a breeder.

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