50 Ways to Save Money on Dog Expenses

50 Ways to Save Money on Dog Expenses

Have you ever calculated how much you spend a year on your dog? I haven’t because I’m not sure I really want to know. By just guesstimating the cost of food, vet bills, medications, supplements, toys, and other supplies—it’s a lot! Haley’s worth every penny we spend on her, but it sure is nice when we can save a few … Read More

What to Do If Your Dog Eats Turkey Bones

What to Do It Your Dog Eats Turkey Bones

Every Thanksgiving I remember the year Haley ate an entire turkey breast carcass. Yes, she ate the entire thing! That might have been the first time she discovered the joy of dumpster diving in the kitchen trash can. With all the commotion around the holiday, I had forgotten about the bones in the trash can when we left the house … Read More

10 Reasons Why I Love Chewy.com

Why I Love Chewy

Note: This is NOT a paid or compensated review, but a review of a company that I’ve purchased products from. I enjoy sharing information about companies that provide great value and service and you’ll always receive my honest and unbiased opinion. I’ve been ordering food and pet supplies from Chewy for quite a while now and I’ve been thoroughly impressed … Read More

12 Simple Ways to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

12 Simple Ways to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Pet obesity continues to be a problem here in the United States. A survey conducted last year by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that 52.7% of dogs in the US are either overweight or obese. But what’s more surprising is that 95% of dog owners identified their dogs as being normal weight. Our overweight dogs have an elevated … Read More

Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Dog begging for cookies

Whether you feed your dog a high-quality dry food or have jumped on the raw (or ) diet bandwagon, occasionally your dog is probably going to get some people food. Most of us know not to give our dogs chocolate or alcohol, but there are many other foods you should never feed your dog. The foods listed below can pose … Read More