Treating Ear Infections in Dogs

Treating Ear Infections in Dogs

Ear infections are one of the most common problems vets see in their offices. Yep, we’ve been down that road several times with Haley. It begins with the ear scratching, then the frequent flapping noise when she shakes her head, and of course, there’s the yucky smell emanating from her ears. So many dogs suffer with these symptoms, but what … Read More

12 Self-Help Tips for Dogs with Allergies

12 Self-Help Tips for Dogs With Allergies

It’s surprising how many dog owners think that excessive licking and scratching is normal for dogs, but more often than not, allergies are the cause of all that itching and discomfort. In last week’s post, I talked about the drug Apoquel and how it’s helped Haley with her allergies, but there are also practical and natural ways to treat allergies … Read More

Is Apoquel Safe for Dogs With Allergies?

Is Apoquel Safe for Dogs?

It’s springtime and for many people and their dogs, it means the return of allergy season. Haley’s had allergies issues throughout her life but her symptoms have gotten worse now that she’s older and our usual method of treatment (Benadryl and self help strategies) no longer keep the itching, licking and scratching under control. After reading rave reviews about the … Read More

Are Christmas Trees Harmful to Dogs?

Are Christmas Trees Harmful to Dogs?

Haley’s gone Christmas tree shopping with us every year since she was born. When we bring the tree back home, she waits to grab one of the trimmed branches from the bottom of the tree then prances around the yard like a reindeer with her evergreen trophy before settling down to chew on the branch for a few minutes. It … Read More

Why Do My Dog’s Paws Smell Like Corn Chips?

Dog Paws in Sand

You may have noticed from time to time an aroma emanating from your dog that makes you want to head to the kitchen for a salty snack. It’s not just your imagination when you think your dog’s paws smell like corn chips or popcorn. Yes, I’m talking about Frito Feet! If you’ve never noticed this before, go ahead and take … Read More