How to Clone Your Dog

How to Clone Your Dog

There’s no dog quite like your dog, right? That’s how I feel too. Haley is a very special dog. She’s one of a kind and I would definitely call her my heart dog. It’s hard to imagine not having her in our lives, but as her face gets a little more gray each day and she grows into her senior … Read More

Adopting a Dog When You Have a Cat

Adopting a Dog When You Have a Cat

If you’re thinking about adopting a dog when you have a cat, do you visualize one of those cute photos of a dog and cat lovingly curled up in the same bed or does the expression “fighting like cats and dogs” come to mind and make you a little apprehensive? Yep, it could go either way but if your cat … Read More

How to Teach a Dog Its Name

How to Teach a Dog Its Name

Does your new puppy ignore you when you call his name? Have you adopted a dog from a shelter or rescue and want to teach him a new name? Maybe you’ve had your dog for awhile and he seems to have selective hearing when you try to get his attention. Earlier this week I posted an article about how to … Read More

Finding the Best Names for Dogs

Most Popular Puppy Name of 2013

Congratulations! You just brought home an adorable puppy or adopted your new best friend from a shelter or rescue and are ready to start thinking about names. Maybe your adopted dog had a shelter-assigned name that she’s not that familiar with and you would like to change it. Are you the type of person that can instantly come up with … Read More

5 Good Reasons to Get a Dog

Cardigan Welsh Corgis

There are good reasons to get a dog and bad reasons to get a dog, but there’s nothing worse than having to find a new home for your dog after you’ve become attached to it because you made a hasty decision. Luckily, you can avoid the heartache by taking your time and considering the suggestions below before adding a new … Read More