The Thankful Dog


The Thankful DogA thanksgiving tradition for many families is to take turns mentioning what each person is thankful for. When Haley’s hovering around the table, hoping for a charitable donation from a pet-loving pilgrim, I often wonder what she might say she’s thankful for. Maybe it would be something like this.

The Thankful Dog

I’m thankful for the day you adopted me
And your patience while I learned where to pee.
Sorry for the time I pooped in the hall
It was rough at first, but we got through it all.

You were so kind while I learned to behave,
You showed me the world, so I could be brave.
I have all the things a good pup should own,
Good food, fresh water and toys and bones.

Our house is warm and I have my own bed
But you don’t mind if I share yours instead.
When I’m sick, you lay with me on the floor
With my head on your pillow, I let out a snore.

I’m thankful for all those rides in the car
And all the vacations we’ve shared so far.
From off-leash hikes to beaches with sand,
So many adventures across this great land.

You take me for walks even when you are tired
And take time to play with me when I’m wired.
My barking and begging can be kind of a pain
And my 3am pee breaks are pretty insane.

Remember the times I got skunked in the yard?
I was protecting my turf, just being on guard.
You try to see things through my point of view,
Trust and respect bond us like glue.

The little things you do, they sure do rock!
Like hiding my treats in a cardboard box.
I love your belly rubs when you scratch my chest
But your sock balls at night are surely the best.

When I do good things, you praise me and clap
And you always make time for my nap on your lap.
The tricks you taught me are all very sweet,
I’m thankful for you, can I have a treat?

Happy Thanksgiving

Are dogs grateful for all the things we do? Maybe Haley doesn’t have all these thoughts but I have no doubt that she appreciates many of the things I do for her. She’s a thankful dog and I’m thankful to have her in my life. Is your dog a thankful dog?

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