Leading Your Dog by the Nose

Leading Your Dog by the Nose

This training tip is so simple it almost seems silly to write about it, but some dog owners might not realize how effective this positive training technique can be when training a new behavior. Leading your dog by the nose means you’re using your pup’s primary sense, his sense of smell, to motivate him to learn more quickly. What’s the … Read More

Help! My Dog Has Selective Hearing

My Dog Has Selective Hearing

It’s fairly common to hear dog owners complain that their pup listens at home but not when they’re away from home or they might claim that their dog is stubborn, strong-willed or just plain dumb because he doesn’t always listen or follow commands. They say their dog has selective hearing. Yep, just when you’re feeling proud and confident with your … Read More

How Our Tone of Voice Affects Dogs

How Our Tone of Voice Affects Dogs

With all of the political talk about “tone” lately, I started thinking about how our tone of voice affects dogs and the various commands and messages we try to relay to them. I had to laugh when imagining how the current Republican and Democrat frontrunners would do if they attempted to teach a dog to sit. It might go something … Read More

How to Teach Your Dog the Down Command

How to Teach Your Dog the Down Command

Do you wish your dog would lie down and relax on command? Whether your dog is begging for food, obnoxiously sniffing or jumping on guests when they walk through the door or getting under your feet while you’re trying to cook dinner, sometimes you just want them to lie down and calm down for a little while. Once you teach … Read More

How to Teach Your Dog the Off Command

How to Teach Your Dog the Off Command

It’s amazing that some of the easiest commands to teach a dog can also be the most useful. Got a begging dog panting in your face? Is your dog about to roll in something nasty in the yard? Did you accidentally drop a pill on the floor but your pup thinks it’s a treat? Don’t worry, the Off command comes … Read More

Help! My Dog Doesn’t Come When Called

My Dog Doesn't Come When Called

I’m sure we’ve all experienced at one time or another a dog that doesn’t listen. When your dog doesn’t come when called, it can be frustrating, embarrassing and in some cases, downright dangerous. Even the best trained dog can occasionally get distracted by an unusually interesting scent or an intense game of chase with a cat or squirrel, but we … Read More

How to Teach a Dog Its Name

How to Teach a Dog Its Name

Does your new puppy ignore you when you call his name? Have you adopted a dog from a shelter or rescue and want to teach him a new name? Maybe you’ve had your dog for awhile and he seems to have selective hearing when you try to get his attention. Earlier this week I posted an article about how to … Read More

The Most Useful Command to Teach Your Dog

Sitting Dog

Lucky for you, training your dog to sit is not only the most useful command but it’s the easiest one to teach!  Most dogs learn this command quickly and you’ll soon be able to use his new skill in a variety of situations to easily manage your dog. First, let’s see how simple it is. If you need some extra … Read More

10 Tips Before You Start Training Your Dog

Dog with bone

So, you got a new puppy in the home or just adopted an adult dog. Don’t worry if you have a couple of chewed up shoes or a few spots on the carpet, now is the perfect time to turn things around and get started on your dog training routine. Training your dog doesn’t have to be just another chore … Read More