Our Success with Adequan for Arthritis


Our Success With Adequan for ArthritisI’m so excited to share this post with you! You see, I’ve been a little worried about Haley for the past year. She’s always been a very energetic and athletic dog but after recovering from a stretched CCL (similar to a human’s ACL) two years ago, she hasn’t been quite the same. Her CCL healed and tightened back up, but not long after that, she developed arthritis in the injured knee. On days when we took longer hikes or if she played hard, she would have trouble getting up later that evening and after getting up, she would limp quite a bit. Although she seemed to recover by the next morning, she just didn’t have the energy, enthusiasm or endurance she used to have.

I know arthritis is common as our pups move into their senior years, but I was pretty depressed to think we wouldn’t be sharing some of our favorite hikes together or that daily doses of Rimadyl might be necessary to manage her pain. While talking with my vet last month, he suggested we try Adequan for arthritis treatment. That’s when everything changed. But first, let me explain what it is and how it works.

What is Adequan?

Adequan® Canine is a water-based polysulfated glycosaminoglycan (PSGAG). Okay, that description probably means nothing to you but here’s what is does. It’s an injection-based prescription medication that helps prevent the cartilage in your dog’s joints from wearing away. It also works to lubricate the joints and relieve pain. Although it helps protect all of the joints, because arthritic joints have more circulation, more of the drug makes its way to the affected joints. It’s the only arthritis drug available that can slow the loss of cartilage as it treats the underlying cause of arthritis instead of the symptoms of arthritis pain. Adequan can also be used with pain medications such as Rimadyl and Tramdol if necessary. It’s important to note that this is a lifelong medication.

Adequan Canine

How is Adequan Administered?

Adequan is an intramuscular injection that is administered in a series of shots. After the initial loading series of injections, most vets recommend a once monthly injection thereafter. This is Haley’s prescribed dosing schedule: One injection weekly for four weeks, then one injection every two weeks for four doses, then one injection every three weeks for three doses, then monthly injections thereafter. The vet techs gave Haley her first shot then they had me come back the following week to teach me how to give the shots at home. It may take up to 4 injections before any improvement is noticed and for your vet to determine if it’s a good treatment for your dog, but some dogs respond after just one injection.

How Much Does It Cost?

One 5mL vial of Adequan costs $70.00 and contains five doses for Haley’s weight of 50 pounds. So each monthly dose will cost around $14.00 after the initial loading series of shots is completed. Again, it’s important to remember that Adequan is a lifelong medication, so you’ll need to consider the ongoing cost as well.

The Results

After Haley received her first shot, I was astounded with the results. She didn’t limp that evening at all and I’ve only seen a slight limp one time after an extremely active day for her (long hike and lots of running, chasing and romping with my sister’s puppy) and that was after her second injection. She’s been much more energetic and enthusiastic, it’s almost as if we’ve turned the clock back and she’s three years younger. We’re able to do our 4-5 mile hikes again and I can tell she’s still feeling good at the end of the hike. She springs up from a resting position now instead of having to pull herself up by using her front legs and she no longer hesitates before jumping up into the car or going up and down the basement steps.

I’m truly amazed at the results and how quickly she responded after the first injection. Even though our vet described the great level of success he’s had with dogs on Adequan, I still find it hard to believe how much it’s helped her, both physically and mentally. I should also note that she hasn’t been on Rimadyl or any pain medications while getting the injections.

Wrapping Things Up

Fall Hike with DogHaley’s had five injections so far and giving the shots is very easy. She hardly seems to notice what I’m doing, especially if there’s a treat involved. 🙂 As you can tell, I’m thrilled with the results so far and I like knowing that the medication is slowing the progress of her arthritis and loss of cartilage and it’s working to protect all of her joints. I’m also relieved we can avoid the risks of taking daily doses of pain medication to manage her symptoms. Exercising and staying active is important for senior dogs and Adequan allows Haley to stay fit, healthy and pain free a lot longer. So for us, it’s well worth the cost.

If you’re noticing signs of joint pain or inflammation in your dog, I strongly recommend talking to your vet about Adequan for arthritis treatment to determine if it might be beneficial. Although it’s currently only approved for horses and dogs, I found this PetMD article by Dr. Patty Khuly, Why I Love Adequan for Cats and Dogs, to be very interesting for cat owners.

I know it’s early in Haley’s treatment plan so I’m going to be updating this article in six months so you can check back for an update to see how she’s doing on the drug.
Does your dog have arthritis? What remedies have you tried?


Here’s what’s been happening since I wrote this article six months ago. About two months after writing the post, Haley spotted some deer meandering through our backyard and she tore off to chase them. Unfortunately, she returned from the chase hobbling on three legs. Yep, she ruptured her CCL and needed surgery (details here). I have to admit, I wondered if she was feeling so much better from the Adequan that she put too much stress on her knee.

She’s now four months post surgery and doing well with her recovery. We’ve continued the monthly Adequan injections and I can tell a big difference each month after she gets her shot. She’s able to move easier and her movements are more fluid. She’s also more playful and seems to have more energy. We’re still very much sold on the value of these injections, but it’s good to keep in mind that even though your pup seems normal and is more active, you should manage their activity so they don’t put undue stress on their joints.

Our Success with Adequan for Arthritis

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    • What a great post, thank you for telling us about Adequan! I’m so glad it’s helped Haley so much, that is really miraculous progress. Sharing.
      Love & Biscuits,
      Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Good to know about this. Ruby ‘s back legs are occasionally stiff especially in cold weather. I will inquire about Adequan at our next vet visit. Though I’m worried I might be a bit nervous giving her injections.

      • I was wondering about the injections at first too, but it’s easier than you might think. The vet tech at our office did a great job of explaining how to give the shots and they were happy for me to come back as many times as I needed until I felt comfortable giving them myself. It only took one demonstration though and I felt good about it. Haley’s got a pretty high pain tolerance level but she doesn’t react at all when I give her the shots.

        You’ll have to let me know what your vet recommends on your next visit. It’s made such a difference in Haley, it’s definitely worth inquiring about it for Ruby.

    • That is great you found something that helps. Mom tried so many things with Katie for the past four years or so, but last year we found Rejenease and it is the only thing that has ever made a big difference and the only thing that has worked more than a few months. We tried Rimadyl which did absolutely nothing and didn’t like that it can cause liver damage, we tried Metacam which helped for a few months but that was it and it also can cause damage to the body. We learned that every dog is different and what works for one, may not work the same for another. As long as Adequan works well for Haley, that is the most important thing.

      • That’s true, every dog is different and I’m glad Rejenease is working well for Katie. I hated the thought of Haley taking Rimadyl on a regular basis. I know some dogs really need it and maybe she will one day too, but if I can put it off for as long as possible that’s a good thing. ?

    • Adequan is a wonder drug, we have used it on many patients with great results. I’m so glad it is working for Haley and hope it continues so she can enjoy her life pain free. This was a very informative correct post thank you for sharing so others can know about it and ask their vets about it.

      • Thanks so much, JoAnn! I’m so excited about the results, my post almost sounds like an advertisement for the drug company, lol! Our vet mentioned Adequan has been approved in some countries for human use, but it’s still waiting FDA approval here in the states. It will be interesting to watch for that, maybe it can benefit all of our friends with bad knees too.

    • Wow, that’s some amazing results and especially for so few treatments. That’s amazing.
      Just wondering, how did you get her CCL to tighten back up? Restricted exercise? Hydrotherapy? One of my two Bichon’s has CCL/meniscus repair in June last year and we’ve continued with hydrotherapy up to present, not because he still requires the rehabilitation but because he enjoys it AND benefits from the no impact on his joints. We also were told last year that there are signs of arthritis but with hydrotherapy, that’s certainly made his life more enjoyable.

      This is good information just in the event that he’ll need something in the future.
      Thanks for sharing! 🙂

      • Luckily, Haley didn’t tear her CCL but it was stretched pretty good. She had one cold laser treatment and then very restricted rest for two weeks, then a gradual return to normal activity. She’s never had hydrotherapy, but I hear it’s wonderful and I wish we had a canine aquatic center near us. I think Haley would really enjoy that too for the variety and low-impact exercise.

        It was strange when Haley injured her knee. We were getting ready to head out for a walk and I was following her through the living room when she turned and looked at her back leg for a moment, as if something bit or stung her. Then she happily continued to the door with a big grin on her face and we went for our hike. She showed no signs of being in pain or distressed during the hike, just happy go lucky as usual. After we got back home, she settled down to rest but then started panting and didn’t want to get up or move.

        I guess she was so excited to go on our hike, she walked through the pain. I felt so bad because I realized afterwards that the hike was probably the worst thing to do but I had no indication from her that anything had happened except for the quick moment when she looked at her leg. Looking back, I still can’t figure out what exactly happened and how she stretched her CCL.

    • So glad to hear you found something. We started out with this when our Maggie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and it did wonders for her! So much so that we haven’t had to use it in quite awhile, only if she has had an extra busy weekend and really overloaded on the running and romping around. Best of luck!!

      • It’s interesting you mention about only giving the medication when Maggie needs it. I read some other articles by dog owners that do the same thing or they wait until symptoms reappear and use that length of time to set the interval for injections. I may talk to my vet about the interval again during our next visit. I’m really glad the medication works well for Maggie’s hip dysplasia. ?

    • That is such wonderful news! It’s so encouraging to know that there are proven methods available for our aging/senior pups. Haley looks great – I think of her often as her “twin” lives right up the street. One day I will have to take her photo and send it to you. Looking forward to reading her progress report this summer.

      • Thanks! I’m so glad we can enjoy those long hikes again and she’s having a great time! Thanks for stopping by today. ?

    • This is wonderful!! I am so happy you found something that helps sweet Haley. I would have loved to have known about this for my Daisy. I remember when we would go for runs she would be stiff after. I always knew it was good to keep her moving and we would go on soft surfaces. I used to give her massages and baby aspirin. This sounds like a really good medicine.

      • That’s the hardest part when they get arthritis, you know exercise is good for them but it also makes them sore afterwards. I bet Daisy loved those massages!

    • It’s great to read that you found something that works so well for Miss Haley! The pups are (hopefully!!) far away from arthritis at only 4.5 years of age, but I’m taking a not so mental note of the Adequan on my “important/potential to get pup list”.

      …by the way, I love seeing her waistline in that first picture :-))

      • Yes, I hope Buzz and Missy don’t have to worry about arthritis for quite awhile. Haley says “thank you” on her figure. She needs to lose about 2-3 pounds to get to her ideal weight, but it should be easier now that she can exercise more and not have the pain later in the day.

    • I absolutely love Adequan. I used it for more than a year with my beloved Eamon and his elbow and wrist arthritis. He was in so much pain prior to the treatments that we were considering euthanasia. With the shots, he bounced right back. I credit the extra time we had with him to this drug. I can’t say enough good things about it.

      Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

      • It’s amazing that Eamon went from being in such pain to bouncing back and I’m glad you had that extra time with him. So often we don’t realize our pups are in pain until a limp or another physical symptom appears.

      • Thank you for that testimonial I am bringing my dog in tomorrow for his first shots. He is 9 years old and has arthritis in his elbows and knees. I am praying he will finally. He was on rimadyl for 3 years and developed liver disease. We got that back under control, but wanted to try another Quinn

    • Glad to hear your experience! We’ve had 11-year-old (we think) Mia on Rimadyl for a year now, and she’s doing fantastic. My vet did mention an injectable (probably this one), so I’ll keep it in mind if her arthritis worsens. Right now, she’s not showing any signs of stiffness or pain.

      • I’m so glad Mia’s doing well with her arthritis treatment. Exercise is so important for our older girls so it’s good when we can keep them moving and active.

    • I’ve had good luck with glucosamine and chondroitin with earlier pups. I’ve heard that results have been sketchy with humans. But dogs don’t fall prey to the placebo effect.

      Hope Haley continues to benefit from this treatment. She’s too young and fun to be in pain.

      • It’s funny, the biggest issue we have now is trying to keep her from going too crazy and re-injuring her knee. She’s feeling so much better, she’s a wild thing now, haha!

    • Our golden Sheba does quite well with joint supplements (she’s currently on Wag) and an occasional Rimadyl as needed. Our beagle Cricket is on daily Rimadyl as well as Dasaquin joint supplements. Our vet feels Rimadyl is safe and she is monitored for side effects. She is also doing very well. Adequan has never even been mentioned by our vet…I wonder why? I may have to ask him about it.

      • It’s interesting you mention that, Jan. Our vet didn’t bring up Adequan when Haley was first diagnosed with arthritis either, he just gave us a prescription for Rimadyl. I brought up her arthritis in a subsequent visit and asked if there were any alternative therapies and that’s when he suggested Adequan.

        I wonder if some vets don’t bring up Adequan right away because they think most pet owners might be uncomfortable giving injections at home. I’m curious now and will have to ask about that during our next visit.

    • My 10 month old puppy was diagnosed with hip dyplasia…front loaded him with the adequan injections and now I find out that there is no supply of adequan to be found…does anyone know where I can get it to continue his monthly treatment or what is going on with the producer/supplier…I have found nothing about this current shortage on the internet and my vet hasn’t really told me anything except that they can’t get it….

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        I just checked the website where I order it from (Vet’s First Choice) and they have it in stock but I think your vet may have to join their system or approve a prescription through their company. I couldn’t find any other website that had it in stock or any explanation on why it’s suddenly unavailable.

        Haley’s also on Apoquel, which I needed to reorder a few days ago. I noticed the price had doubled since I ordered it a few months ago and it’s also out of stock everywhere. ? I’m going to stop by my vet’s office tomorrow to see if I can get any additional info on both Adequan and Apoquel.

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Just a quick update about Adequan. After I placed my order, my vet’s pharmacy called to say they didn’t actually have it and the manufacturer didn’t know when they would ship again. However, just this week, it’s back in stock and I received my shipment today.

        I checked 1-800-PetMeds and they don’t have it yet, but try checking with your vet to see if they got restocked. Good luck! ?

        • I was able to get 1 vial from Fosters and Smith …also got some from petcarerx….many of the online suppliers stock expires october of this year….watch for that when you order if you will be giving past that date…

    • How old is Haley? My girl is a lab mix, 14 yr old. She was born with “severe” hip dysphasia according to a vet that treated her in her early years. About 6yrs ago she “blew out” her knee and recovered fine by letting it scar in. I put her on glucosamine chondroitin (Vets Best stage 3) along with Resources Pain Plus. I also give her a curcumin. She was diagnosed 5wks ago with enlarged heart and put on Enacard and Lasix. Her arthritis problems have been primarily in her back legs and hips. Two days ago she started to limp on with her front leg. It hasn’t improved, and she is obviously in pain. I took her today to the vet that has treated since her knee, and asked about Adequan. He said that it was really for building up the joint, not so much for pain. He asked why I didn’t want Dermax and I just said I was concerned about side effects. He gave her a shot of steroids and also prednisone pills to give over the next days. If adequan is a “miracle pain” reliever then I will take her to a vet that does use it. But if, at her age, it won’t help with pain specifically then I’m wondering if I should even try it. Any other suggestions would be welcomed! Thanks- Tracy

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Hi Tracy, Your sweet girl sounds like she’s going through a lot right and I’m sorry she’s now got a limp with one of her front legs. I believe your vet is correct that the main purpose of Adequan is to prevent the loss of cartilage but it also has some qualities that lubricate the joint and helps relieve pain.

        Haley’s nine years old and I can tell a difference after she gets her monthly injection. She’s more active, less likely to limp at night and seems to be in less pain. It’s worked really well for her and my vet said they’ve had great success with the drug. He mentioned they’ve only had a couple of cases where it didn’t work well and those were in older dogs with very advanced arthritis. Maybe that’s why your vet didn’t feel it would be beneficial but it still might be worth a try.

        Another thing that comes to mind is, right now Adequan appears to be out of stock everywhere as another commenter mentioned. I tried to reorder some for Haley a few weeks ago and my vet’s online pharmacy said they contacted the manufacturer and there’s no date about when it might be available again. Luckily, I have several injections left before we run out, but maybe your vet doesn’t want to start her on something that might not be available if it does work.

        I wish I could give you more answers on this, but I’m hoping the Dermax works well for now in helping to manage her pain. I’ll let you know if I hear anything about the availability of Adequan and give your girl a hug from me. ?

    • We just started Adequan injections and laser for my senior cat. He was having great relief with acupuncture the last year and a half and then the last 2 months his arthritis seemed to drastically worsen. The day after his first shot and laser treatment he was walking and jumping on the couch! I am so relieved! His second shot in in 2 days. I am feeling very optimistic!

      • That sounds really promising, Michele! There seems to be other benefits too for cats on Adequan, so I’m glad your vet gave it a try. I bet it almost brought tears to your eyes, knowing your guy was getting some relief and feeling so much better. I’m sending good thoughts your way for continued success with the drug and give your sweet kitty a hug from us. ?

    • My Shadow started his 16th yr this Jan. He’s 48 # and a mix of shepherd and collie. We go out 3-4 times/day and although he walks a little slower, I really didn’t see any limping or that he was in pain. I did put rugs all over so he wouldn’t slip on the tile. He’s been on Metacam for 2-1/2 yrs. One day as I was leaving the vet’s office, a lady driving in, stopped me and told me she could tell Shadow had arthritis. She told me about Adequan. I immediately went back in and asked if this could help Shadow. The vet said he used Adequan 25 yrs ago and didn’t see any drastic results. I told him if there was one chance in a million, I wanted that chance. His 1st shot was 9-10-16, my vet had to read the instructions which stated 2x/week for 4 weeks. His 9th injection was 10-15-16. I asked what was the next interval. He said to read the instructions or to google it. Then he said we should give it to him 1x/wk and that there wasn’t anything in there that would hurt him. I left a message with another vet there and she advised that the Adequan had gotten into his system and he would need one shot ea. month for maintenance. WHO IS RIGHT? There was a difference in Shadow from the injections, i.e. after lifting his leg he would kick the dirt/grass back with his hind legs & could walk up the stairs, although slowly, he did it. (Just FYI my vet is a good dr, just doesn’t believe in Adequan). Shadow is all black and has hardly any grey. No one can believe he is as old as he is. He has more of a spring in his step although I don’t know if that’s Adequan or the cooler weather here in FL. He goes with me everywhere in the car and I would do anything to make sure he’s getting the best care. Right now he is taking Metacom, Zoom, Dasuquin, Adequan. Someone suggested a prescription dry dog food for joints from Foster & Smith? Anyone have opinion as to how often he should get the shot, the dry food for joints? Anything else I can do?

      • Hi, Georgiana! My goodness, it sounds like Shadow is doing amazing at 16 years old! I’ve noticed some vets aren’t quick to mention Adequan and I haven’t quite figured out why. I’ve wondered if it’s because it requires an injection and perhaps some people aren’t comfortable doing that at home.

        Our vet recommended the dosage schedule that the manufacturer also recommends, so after the initial loading phase, we continued with the once a month shots. It’s interesting that your vet had the opposite experience as our vet, who called Adequan the “gold standard” in treating arthritis. There also seems to be a wide range of dosage recommendations among different vets. Haley’s still doing great on Adequan and I can tell a difference each month after we give her the shot. She seems more energetic, active and playful. She also wants to hike longer before she gets tired or starts to feel any joint soreness.

        I haven’t had any experience with dry food for joint health but it seems there’s mixed results with how effective it might be. Shadow sounds like an amazing boy and there’s no doubt his good health and condition are a direct result of the wonderful love and care you’ve provided for him all these years. You’re both very blessed to have each other.?

      • Many thanks for your response. I was wondering, if Haley responds that well after the injection, couldn’t you possibly give injections 2/week? My vet informed me that if Adequan was given frequently, it was all right inasmuch as there wasn’t anything in there that could hurt him??? Just FYI, I have ordered J/D dry dog food from Foster & Smith. It is supposed to be strictly for a dog’s joints. It requires a prescription from your doctor.

        • I’m going to check with our vet about giving the shot twice a month. That might be a good option for Haley, especially as she gets a little older. You’ll have to let me know if you notice a difference after Shadow has been on the new food for a while. All the little things we do, can make a big difference in how our pups feel.??

    • I have a 1 yr old lab that has received three of these injections. It’s heartbreaking to see this pup. Ot be able to sit down or stand up. It’s like a 90 yr old man. I haven’t noticed an improvement. The last 2 days he has been worse. Mostly at night but he is kenneled throughout the work day. Thoughts? We are trying 4 shots weekly was the plan. I had no idea it was a life long thing. I would certainly do it since he is so young.

      • I’m so sorry your lab is having such a difficult time, Jodi. It breaks my heart too, especially because he’s so young. I know some dogs can get arthritis when they’re young, but are his issues only arthritis or does he have something else going on like hip dysplasia?

        I’ve noticed there seems to be a lot of variance in how vets use Adequan. The manufacturer says it’s a lifelong medication, but I’ve heard of some vets that only use it for a limited amount of time. It probably depends on how the dog reacts and how effective it seems to be.

        I did have a thought about him being kenneled. If he’s at home in a crate, you could try using some baby gates like I did in this post http://chasingdogtales.com/dealing-with-ccl-knee-injuries-in-dogs/ to maybe give him a little more room to move around. I’m really hoping you can find some treatment that will make he feel better. If you get a chance, I would love to hear back later about how he’s doing. Sending you both hugs and good thoughts tonight.?

    • Thank you for posting your experience with this medication. My German Shepherd mix, Mitzi, went through the same thing as your dog. Mitzi was 3 years old when she started limping after some exercise and eventually couldn’t even get off the floor. She was diagnosed with ACC partial tears on both rear knees. We hoped for the best but she took off running on her own and got a full tear on one knee and became lame in that leg. She just had surgery last week to repair it. After her staples are removed in a couple of weeks, we’re starting her on adequan injections. A couple of months after that, she’ll have surgery on her other knee. As you know, it’s a long and arduous recovery for them (and us). I was really worried about arthritis setting in with such a young dog after such injuries but after reading your post, I feel good about her getting the injections. Good luck with Haley!

      • Oh boy, two tears…yikes! I hope Mitzi is recovering well from her first surgery. That first week is pretty tough, but hopefully she’s doing much better this week and the rehab is going well. Our friends adopted Haley’s sister and she’s dealing with two knee tears and surgeries too.

        It’s so hard to see them in pain and limping at first, but hopefully Mitzi will be good as new after getting through the second surgery and rehab. The biggest challenge might be keeping her from overdoing it after she starts feeling better but before the knees are fully healed. I’m so glad your vet recommended Adequan too because it should really help protect all her joints but especially her knees.

        Hang in there for the next several months and give Mitzi a big hug from me! I’m sure she’s going to do really well and before you know it, she’ll be running and playing again.?

        • Thank you for your kind words. Mitzi is doing remarkably well after her first surgery. The hardest part is keeping her in a crate all the time except to go potty, but it’s mandatory while she heals. There’s always someone by her side though so she’s never alone for long. Once they remove her staples in a week, she’ll be more comfortable because she won’t need the cone any longer. It’s going to be a long haul but well worth it.

          • That’s great news! I’m sure it’s been rough with her having to use the other knee so much while she’s recovering. It’s fantastic that she’s doing so well. She’ll be really glad to lose the cone soon too, lol!

    • Hi I live in india, and my 9 year old Labrador is suffering from osteoarthritis and he an ACL tear, adequan is not available here and I am really hoping one of my relatives can bring it from the United States as they will be visiting us in December. My cousin has already tried buying adequan but it asks for a vet prescription, I know it’s asking for too much but if you could help me out with this? If I could ask my relative to take some adequan from you and pay you for it?? I am really desperate to give my little one her life back.

      • Hi Yashna, I wish I could help you with that, but it is only available by prescription here in the US. I do have a couple of ideas that might help though. It might be possible to find a US vet that would do an internet-based diagnosis for your lab via Skype and then give you a prescription for Adequan. Also, our vet mentioned that the equine version of Adequan is the same as the canine version, so perhaps it’s available for horses in India or another country where you could order it from.

        I know it’s frustrating when you can’t get a medication that could be helpful, but keep asking around and perhaps a different vet there in India might know of a way to get a prescription shipped to you. Good luck on your search. ?

    • Hi pup lovers?,
      We have a, soon to be, 15 y.o. golden retriever. I’ve had her since she was 5 months old, and she is my little girl, my daughter, the love of my life! Yes, my husband accepts that, lol.

      So, Athena has been struggling with arthritis for a couple years now. She’s been on Rimadyl for some time which seems to help. But it’s not enough. I feel so helpless, unable to take my baby’s pain away.

      She’s been with the same vet since a year old. Because I started to feel as if they had grown passive/complacent in regards to her suffering and other symptoms, I decided to do some research, and take a leap of faith on a new, highly reviewed local vet. Boy am I glad I did!

      Not only did he do an extremely thorough exam, he truly wanted to help. He suggested, if the Rimadyl just wasn’t cutting it, to add an injectable. I had NEVER heard of this before! Our previous vet never mentioned anything aside from Rimadyl.

      Being in the medical field I came home and researched injectables and side effects/possible harm. The best one I found was Adequan. We have an appointment to discuss, and hopefully start treatment. I am very hopeful/excited to begin treatment. I truly pray it works for her. I too have read that it not only helps relieve pain, but increases the thickness of synovial fluid, promotes cartilage growth and slows the process of destruction. Plus, the safety of use, which was my main concern.

      I’m so glad to have found this site and read the positive results. It definitely makes me feel this is the right way to go. so, thank you all for posting. It really helps overprotective mommy’s, as I. Fingers crossed my Athena will have the same outcome. I’d love to hear updates on how all of these babies are progressing on this medication. Especially if anyone notices any side effects. Thanks in advance….keep showering your babies with love… I’m telling ya, it TRULY makes the difference.

      • Hi Beck!

        I had to laugh at you saying that your husband accepts that Athena is the love of your life, haha! I can relate to that feeling.

        I’m so glad your love for Athena led you to a new vet that can offer her better treatment options and I have a good feeling that Adequan might be just what you’ve been looking for. I’ve heard other people remark that they’ve never heard of Adequan either or their vets didn’t mention using it. I don’t understand why that is. Perhaps they don’t think most of their clients would be comfortable giving injections at home.

        I think you have a lot of reason to be hopeful and I would love to hear back about how it’s working for Athena once you get started. Haley’s once-a-month injections are still working wonders and she’s had no side effects.

        Good luck and give your sweet, golden Athena a hug from me and Haley tonight.?

    • Hi❣
      Thank you for your quick response ?❣ Glad you got a chuckle❣
      Here’s a synopsis…..Athena was lying on the floor this past Thurs, and during her attempt to rise, her legs gave out. ?

      I immediately phoned the vet and got in the next day (Fri 13th…oh wow, just realized the irony of the day). Anyways…

      Athena received her 1st injection 2 days ago. She also has extreme sensitive food allergies. When I was seeing her previous vet they couldn’t figure out this distinct smell she would exude after going outside. So I did my own research and found out it was yeast! So I slowly changed her diet and shampoo to exclude any grain, etc. I cook a weeks worth of chicken thighs for her dinner, mix it with a little dry food and fat free yogurt. I also make homemade, all natural, organic treats for her weekly and a dingo a day (she loves em❣). I also changed her shampoo from oatmeal based (horrible for yeasty dogs) to tea tree and aloe based. Then I rinse her with a vinegar mixture. So, if anyone has the same issues and would like any recipes, I’d happily share. It made the world of difference❣

      She received new Xmas treats from family which started the itching again, which in turn became infected ?
      I never should’ve given the new treats… lesson learned.
      During the Adequan visit, our new vet gave a medicated shampoo in hopes to avoid oral antibiotics. Plus I’m rubbing diluted povidone iodine on the areas 2X a day.

      Her Adequan régime consists of:
      1 shot per wk for 4 weeks.
      Then once every 2 weeks.
      Then once a month.
      The only thing is, he wants to give the injections himself. And the 1 dose was $73.50. I read that a 5mL vile ( 4 doses for her weight ) costs about the same❣ I know they need to make a profit, but that’s at least a 90% margin as I’m sure he gets a bulk deal. So, next week I’m hoping to discuss this. I’m all ears for any suggestions you have.

      Athena seems to be handling the 1st injection well❣. No side effects thus far, and she seems to be a little better. I figured it would take at least 2 doses before seeing a noticeable difference. But, I wanted to let you know that we started it Friday and will continue to provide progess reports ??

      Again, if you have any suggestions regarding the price I’d greatly appreciate any feedback. I know it’s an ongoing expense, and I’d pay anything for her relief. But, paying the cost of a months worth of medicine for 1 shot is a bit overboard. Oh….btw… I gave Athena those hugs from you and Haley ( which she took eagerly )…and she wanted me to give double hugs to you both??…….We look forward to hearing from you❣

      • Hey Beck,

        Thanks so much for sharing your tips about the yeast issue. Haley has allergy issues too and I’ve given up the oatmeal-based shampoo too which seems to help. I would love it if you shared your recipes on this post about allergies when you get a chance.


        So many pups out there suffer with allergy symptoms, so anything that works is helpful.

        Athena’s on the same Adequan schedule that Haley started off with. The vet gave her the first shot and then had us come back for the next one so they could teach us how to give the injections. They said we could come back as many times as we wanted until we felt comfortable with giving the shots at home.

        Maybe your vet would be willing to do this too. That way he can supervise the first shot or two that you give her in their office. I would definitely discuss it with him and your concerns about the cost. He should be able to give you a prescription for the medicine so you can buy it online or at least give you a comparable cost if you buy it directly from him. If he still refuses, I would think about talking to some other vets in your area to see if they would be willing to work with you on this. We’re still paying about the same price as when I wrote the article.

        Our vet mentioned that the equine version of Adequan is exactly the same as the canine version. I’ve always wondered if it was cheaper, but never compared the cost.

        I’m excited to see how Adequan works for Athena, so thanks so much for the updates!?

    • Great suggestions❣ Thank you so very much.
      I’ve been working nonstop lately, so my apologies for not getting back sooner. I’m actually getting ready to go in soon. I’m off, unless called in, the next couple of days. So I’ll post my recipes this weekend. I hope they will provide some relief for any baby suffering from allergies
      It’s so important to get them on a proper diet, treat and bathing shampoo schedule in order to avoid the itching. Not only does it cause them such discomfort, but can also lead to infections from the constant itching. Trust me, I know, my poor Athena went through that.

      I go back in Friday for her 3rd shot and will touch base then. So far, after the 2nd injection she is doing sooooo much better❣ and no side effects this time. I’ll post more this weekend regarding the recipes and thank you again for the price advice. I will speak with them in Friday.
      Much love from me and Athena❣

      • No worries, Beck (whenever you get a chance) ?

        I’m so glad to hear you saw some positive results with the second shot, that’s fantastic! It warms my heart to know that this might give her some relief and make her feel better. She sounds like an amazing girl and she’s also one lucky girl to have you care so much for her.?

    • Thank you for all of the wonderful information. After reading your blog post, as well as, other forums online I requested my vet prescribe my 10 yr old Lab, Lily, Adequan for her degenerative elbow arthritis and increasing hip pain.

      Last week during Lily’s bi-annual wellness exam the vet tech demonstrated and administered the first dose intramuscular (IM) behind the femoral bone into the muscle. At the time I felt confident that I could easily give the injection, however after viewing videos of everyone using different techniques and reading to be very cautious in this site due to the sciatic nerve, I am somewhat nervous. Car rides cause Lily a great deal of pain, which is typically evident for a couple of days after, so it is not an option to take her in each week, therefore, I really need to find a way to be comfortable administering an injection.

      Can you please provide me with information on how and where you administer the injection, as well as, your experience in this site. I noticed in the picture above that your needle/syringe looks different. I was provided 3ml 22×3/4ml gauge needle/syringes. I guess I am looking for some reassurance! Any information would be greatly appreciated!

      • Chasing Dog Tales

        Hi Renee,

        I’m so sorry that I just noticed your comment. For some reason it got placed in the spam folder on my server.

        I hope the Adequan injections will really help Lily with her arthritis pain. Our vet recommended the same location for Haley’s shots and explained how to feel along the thigh muscles for a vertical indentation in the muscles. You can see the indentation in dogs with short hair, so you will probably notice it on Lily’s thigh. He said if you place your thumb along that indentation which the nerve basically follows, then aim the needle at a slight angle towards the tail, you won’t hit the sciatic nerve. Here’s a demo pic of how I give the shots. In the picture, I have my right thumb running along that indentation and the needle is aimed away from it. Sorry for the shaggy pic. Haley’s going through a shedding phase right now, lol!


        Our vet recommended the 1cc 25g x 5/8 inch needle for Haley and she’s 50 pounds and slightly smaller than most labs. I hope this info is helpful but please note, I’m not a vet and I’m only sharing what our vet recommended for Haley. If you have any concerns about how to give Lily the shots or about the needle size, be sure to check with your vet again. Hugs to Lily and I hope she’s feeling much better soon!💗

      • How did your lab do after being on the adequan for a while? We just started it for our lab, Lucy last week for her arthritis in her elbow and her hips. Shes had two injections so far. Im so hopeful! Shes declined so much in the past year

    • Hi, I couldn’t read through all the comments – you’re very popular!

      I would like to ask if you are giving intramuscular injections (direct placement into the muscle) at home or if you are giving them subcutaneously (under the skin). My pup is almost 18 years old and is all bones and skin. The vet was concerned about us doing IM at home but I feel I’m having mixed results sub-c.

      I know the manufacturer label is for IM only. So I’m curious about this please!

    • Thank you so much for your insight on this drug. My vet suggested it for our 10 1/2 year old lab who has very bad joint problems. Im planning on starting it in next week or two and hope my dog has the same great results as yours. Its hard seeing her struggle so much.

    • I started my 125 lb, he is a huge German, in very good shape with the right weight for his size, German Shepherd on Adequan several months ago. He is not dysplastic but from age was having soreness in one hip. The whole leg was arthritic and weak. Taz showed noticable improvement by the 3rd week, today he is moving around very well. No more limp, I also used Boswellia Serrata for his pain in the beginning. Now he rarely needs any thing for pain. (Boswellia Serrata is the natural supplement pain med that is used in Dasquin) and can be bought in capsule form on Amazon or from any natural supplement website. Taz gets an Adequan shot monthly now. I recently started my little Black Mouth Cur girl on Adequan also.

    • My Buddy is 10 years old and recently had the TPLO knee surgery on one back knee. He was recovering nicely and gaining strength but has had a set back with some arthritis all over. I’m thinking about the adaquan fir him.
      Wondering if it affects the kidneys? He has early onset kidney disease.

    • My 13 year old Golden has been on Carprofan ( generic) for a week and now can’t walk. It has made him worse in a very short time. He has hip dysplasia. Hope to start on Adquan asap. Hope for good results!

    • Great product, very expensive. Clearly worth it when I see the happy face, and youthful actions return to our Pet. She brings us much joy. Glad that we are able to offer her some relief.

    • We are starting our 9 year old Newfoundland today on this treatment. He had TPLO surgery both knees between his first and second year. He has been quite mobile since then thankfully but he has had issues with arthritis from a very young age due to the surgeries. It appears that his back, neck and hips are ok, but we are getting him a set of xrays as well to take a look at the status of the hardware and the progression of the arthritis. We are very hopeful that this new treatment will work to at the very least ease some of his discomfort and aid in his mobility. Laying around is a Newfie trait but all dogs need to keep moving for a long healthy life.
      Wish me and my boy luck!! And thanks for the interesting article.

    • my dog has had diarrhea for approximately 6 wks. she’s had several vet appointments. also stool samples both in house and sent out. she’s been eating mainly chicken and rice but lately i’ve added low fat beet, 2 Tablespoons of quality Organix kibble etc as i’m concerned about nutrition. could adequate canine given 2x a wk for several months be causing diarrhea? i’ve read that one of the side effects of adequan is diarrhea. help please.

    • We are starting this next week for our 13 y/o lab mix. She is such a trouper that it was hard to identify her being in pain. I am very happy to read about your success story.

    • My dog is 13 1/2 large breed and purchased adequan to adminster at home from the vet. I haven’t tried it yet because Dasuquin Advantage (prescription only) has done wonders for her and felt I didn’t need to start her on Adequan just yet. Although she is stiff and does lick her front leg in the morning, she is still walking 30 minutes – 50 minutes every morning and another 30 minutes at night. (with the occasional short potty breaks in between). The Adequan however is a generic version. Dr said it’s the same thing so I went with the cheaper generic version. Has anyone comes cross this generic? Thanks in advance!

    • Gave this to my Lucy (13 year old Golden) and was/am amazed at how wonderfully it works. She also gets Rimadyl (which she has for some time now) that has made a minimal difference, as well as Glucosamine (which makes no difference as far as I can see, but I still give it to her thus far). But the minute I added Adequan to her medicine cabinet, I was so excited to see the difference. While the recommended dosage may be once per month, our doctor prescribes “as needed”, and I can tell you that for Lucy it certainly does not last for a month. It wears off much sooner than that, probably within 2-3 weeks. I am so glad to have it available for Lucy, even though the cost is pretty high, because the difference is literally night and day for her, and it certainly brings a big smile to my face to see her moving around so fluidly.

    • This is horrible medication and I don’t think anyone should risks their dog’s life by giving it to them. One might wonder why I would make such a strong statement. My answer is simple. on June 7, 2019, my wonderful and beautiful Allie-gator (named for the Florida Gators) had her first injection of Adequan. 10 minutes later she was on life support. We transferred Allie from her regular vet to an emergency pet hospital. Her body quickly filled with blood and at 3AM we made the gut-wrenching decision to euthanize her. She died a horrible and unnecessary death because of Adequan. Allie was beautiful inside and out and she was the love of our lives. She would be with us today if she would have never had Adequan. It killed our beautiful little girl.

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