Treating Ear Infections in Dogs

Treating Ear Infections in Dogs

Ear infections are one of the most common problems vets see in their offices. Yep, we’ve been down that road several times with Haley. It begins with the ear scratching, then the frequent flapping noise when she shakes her head, and of course, there’s the yucky smell emanating from her ears. So many dogs suffer with these symptoms, but what … Read More

Max’s Guide to a Dog-Friendly Yard

Max's Guide to a Dog-Friendly Yard

Meet Max! He was one of our family dogs when I was growing up. Max was a master of destruction both inside the house and outside in the backyard. He was an expert on landscaping, or maybe I should say re-landscaping from the way he liked to tear out rose bushes from the roots and destroy them, thorns and all! … Read More

How to Deal With Ticks – A Dog Hiker’s Survival Guide

How to Deal With Ticks

The snow is melting, the days are getting longer and spring is almost here. That means you’ll soon be spending more time outdoors with your dog. This is a good time to plan on how to deal with ticks this year, especially if you love hiking with your pup. Has this ever happened to you? You return home from a … Read More