Alpha Dogs and Pack Mentality – Revisited

Alpha Dogs and Pack Mentality

We’ve all heard the advice that as dog owners, we should be the alpha dog or pack leader in our house or else our dogs will assume the role, take over, and pretty much make our lives miserable. That’s the basic theory behind traditional dog training methods, made even more popular by a certain TV-show dog rehabilitator. The training style … Read More

How Our Tone of Voice Affects Dogs

How Our Tone of Voice Affects Dogs

With all of the political talk about “tone” lately, I started thinking about how our tone of voice affects dogs and the various commands and messages we try to relay to them. I had to laugh when imagining how the current Republican and Democrat frontrunners would do if they attempted to teach a dog to sit. It might go something … Read More

6 Simple Ways to Build Trust With Your Dog

6 Simple Ways to Build Trust With Your Dog

Does your dog trust you? Maybe you never really thought about ways to build trust with your dog before, but this past weekend something happened with Haley that made me realize how important it is. I gave Haley a soft, chewable bone, you know the kind that are similar to dental bones and get a little gummy when chewed. Well, … Read More

Do Dogs Get Spring Fever?

Do Dogs Get Spring Fever?

How do you know when spring is about to arrive? Here in the Midwest, it’s been a long, cold winter and I’ve been searching for signs of life under all this white stuff covering the ground, but I haven’t seen a Grape Hyacinth or Daffodil bulb spouting through the soil yet. Then it happened! I got the official word yesterday … Read More

For Love of the Dog – Building Love, Trust and Respect

Dog on beach at sunset

Ironically, the same three characteristics that make for healthy human relationships are vital to creating a positive relationship between you and your dog. Love, trust and respect. Developing these qualities will not only make your life a lot easier, but you’ll end up with a happy, well-adjusted dog that loves, trusts and respects you as well. ove. Loving your dog … Read More