Help! My Dog Gets Too Excited

My Dog Gets Too Excited

Do you prefer energetic dogs or laid-back, calm dogs? I like spirited dogs. It’s entertaining to watch them get worked up and go a little crazy sometimes while playing, but there’s a downside to all that energy if a dog gets too excited too often. Here’s why! Overexcitement can be an inherited trait or an environmental (learned) behavior. Sometimes it’s … Read More

Is Your Dog Always Pulling on the Leash?

Is Your Dog Always Pulling on the Leash?

If you struggle with your dog pulling on the leash every time you take a walk, you’re not alone. It’s probably the most common problem dog owners complain about, especially for those people with larger dogs. I have to admit, I’ve been postponing writing this article for quite a while because it’s an issue that I’ve struggled with myself. But … Read More

Help! My Dog Has Selective Hearing

My Dog Has Selective Hearing

It’s fairly common to hear dog owners complain that their pup listens at home but not when they’re away from home or they might claim that their dog is stubborn, strong-willed or just plain dumb because he doesn’t always listen or follow commands. They say their dog has selective hearing. Yep, just when you’re feeling proud and confident with your … Read More

What Drives Your Dog Crazy?

What Drives Your Dog Crazy?

You know what I mean, it’s the thing that turns your normally sweet, obedient dog into a crazed lunatic. It’s the thing that renders your Sit and Stay commands totally useless. It’s the thing that triggers the “Game On!” mode inside your dog’s brain. For some dogs it’s squirrels, for others it may be laser pointers but usually there’s something … Read More