Dog Drive Types – An Outdated Theory?

Dog Drive Types - An Outdated Theory?

Have you ever heard someone say their dog has a strong prey drive and wondered what they meant? After reading a lot about dog drive types, I understand why some dog trainers and behaviorists rely on them to motivate their client’s dogs. But just how useful are they? Can they really help you better understand and train your dog? First, … Read More

3 Misconceptions About Dog Body Language

3 Misconceptions About Your Dog's Body Language

Dogs are masters of reading our body language, but how well can you read your dog’s cues? While observing a dog’s behavior, some signals are confusing and might not mean what we think. Have you ever heard any of the following statements about dog body language? Dogs wag their tails for a number of reasons. If their body is very … Read More

Alpha Dogs and Pack Mentality – Revisited

Alpha Dogs and Pack Mentality

We’ve all heard the advice that as dog owners, we should be the alpha dog or pack leader in our house or else our dogs will assume the role, take over, and pretty much make our lives miserable. That’s the basic theory behind traditional dog training methods, made even more popular by a certain TV-show dog rehabilitator. The training style … Read More

Why Do Female Dogs Mark Their Territory?

Why Do Female Dogs Mark Their Territory?

When I think about dogs marking their territory, the first image that comes to mind is a male dog hiking his leg and relieving himself on every bush, pole or fire hydrant he comes across. I never associated urine marking with female dogs until Haley started doing it a few years ago. It’s common for intact males or unspayed females … Read More