Why Does My Dog Like Some Dogs But Not Others?

Why Does My Dog Like Some Dogs But Not Others?

Some dogs seem to love all other dogs and will play and be social with each one they meet. At the other end of the spectrum are reactive dogs that seem to be aggressive with almost all other dogs. But most of us have dogs that are somewhere in the middle, they like some dogs but not others. If your … Read More

3 Misconceptions About Dog Body Language

3 Misconceptions About Your Dog's Body Language

Dogs are masters of reading our body language, but how well can you read your dog’s cues? While observing a dog’s behavior, some signals are confusing and might not mean what we think. Have you ever heard any of the following statements about dog body language? Dogs wag their tails for a number of reasons. If their body is very … Read More

What Should You Do When Your Dog Growls at Someone?

What Should You Do When Your Dog Growls at Someone

I admit, that’s a pretty broad question to answer because dogs growl for a lot of different reasons. There are good growls, like when a dog’s having fun playing tug-of-war and there are bad growls like when a dog growls at a young child. Nobody wants their dog to growl at an innocent child and our first instinct is usually … Read More

15 Helpful Dog Park Tips – Keeping Dog Park Visits Positive

15 Helpful Dog Park Tips

After getting some great feedback from last week’s post “Are Dog Parks Good or Bad for Your Dog?”, I wanted to follow up with some dog park tips and additional information I think you’ll find useful. If you feel the dog park environment is a good fit for exercising and socializing your dog, check out the helpful tips below. All … Read More