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Check Your Petiquette - How's Your Dog Etiquette?I’ve been reading numerous articles lately about inconsiderate dog owners. All those rants and open letters made me realize that we focus a lot on how well our dogs behave, but not so much on how well we behave as dog owners. So, I’ve taken some common complaints and turned them into a quiz to see just how mannerly we are as pet parents. To check your dog etiquette and see how you compare to other dog owners, just click the ‘Start Quiz’ button below.

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    • That was a great quiz! I don’t think I passed the one about the allergies. I don’t feel like someone else’s allergies are my problem. We have allergies and we take allergy pills. Everyone knows that I have pets and if they are coming over then there will be pets and pet hair. LOL

      Everything else, I am considerate about. We don’t walk the girls on flexis (except for at the beach in a controlled manner), I don’t allow them to door dash. They occasionally beg from us but we don’t allow them to beg from guests. When I’m out with them, they have my full attention and I don’t answer my phone, even if it’s my husband calling.

      • Thanks Lauren, I probably could have been more clear on the question about allergies. I agree that if someone comes into your home and has allergies, they would have to expect it could be an issue for them. Great job and thanks for taking the quiz! ?

      • Two of out three is pretty darn good! We’re always practicing on something around here and I only have one dog. I tip my hat to all of you that have multiple pets.

    • Hi Y’all,

      I think I failed on the last one about the door. My Human is always working on that with me. If certain friends arrive I almost knock my Human down to greet them. If I don’t know the person, I will remain politely waiting for an okay to greet them. I might jump up and down with excitement but I know better than to put a paw on anyone!

      My pet peeve is retractable leashes. A dog with a retractable leash charged me and tripped my Human. Her head hit the pavement and she ended up unconscious. She ended up in the hospital with a concussion. Fortunately because I’m well trained I never left my Humans side, even though I was loose in a rest stop on an interstate. How scary is that!

      Y’all come on by,
      Hawk aka BrownDog

      • You’re not alone on the door issue, Hawk. That’s been a problem for Haley, but actually it’s my problem because I tend to worry too much about keeping someone waiting at the door rather than taking the time to work with her.

        I had no idea about what happened with the retractable leash incident when you were traveling, Wow! If that’s not the best reason to avoid using them, I don’t know what is. Hawk, you’re a loyal and loving dog for staying with your human. ❤️

    • Brilliant quiz! My dogs are very excitable when guests come to the door. I know I should work on their continuous barking at the living room window! They usually get excited and whine when people they know come, but when it’s a stranger, there’s a hint of protectiveness, especially from my older dog.

      • Thanks so much, I’m glad you liked the quiz. Some of those issues are going to be more challenging for certain breeds like terriers. I’ve had to work quite a bit with Haley barking at the window too.

    • I think you are onto something there this is very good! I confess I had to white lie once or twice because it wasn’t applicable to me. I guess our score is lower than the norm because I don’t like strangers in my house at all, have to be kept on a leash until I stop barking and settle down. Oh and I don’t listen very well. Love Dolly

    • I got a 92. Mr. N does want to greet everyone who comes in and if you’re a “guest” in our house, he will probably come sit in your lap at some point. If they’re there in an official capacity (repair people, delivery workers), I make sure he doesn’t bother them.

    • I didn’t finish cuz I hit a string where I couldn’t quite find the right answer…. Like Rita doesn’t jump on people when we have them over, but she will sometimes bark at guests if they move too suddenly. (We’re working on it. ) And she does run and bark at strangers who knock – but I let her. If strangers come to the door, they’re always selling something, and I hate that. Since I work from home, it’s annoying to be interrupted while i’m working, so I let her bark and scare them off. 🙂

      • I totally get the idea of letting Rita bark sometimes. On those rare occasions when there’s someone slightly suspicious loitering around, I don’t tell Haley to be quiet either. They say the best way to prevent a burglary is to have a barking dog. ?

    • I have two teeny tiny problems. I’m part Beagle and I love to follow my nose. This sometimes leads me into the neighbors yards where there are some very interesting smells not found in my yard. My mom gets the leash out when this happens.?. The other little thing that annoys her is my barking. When I lived in the country there weren’t many noises, like car doors or horns honking. Since I’ve moved in here and the windows have been open lots of days I hear car doors closing, horns, people talking and I think they are coming to visit so I have to let mom know. I only do it with a single bark. Ok, a loud single bark. Sometimes several single barks if she doesn’t come right away. Other than that I’m perfect!?

      • Hi ya, Chops! I sure wish I could train Haley to do that single bark routine. I have to agree, I think you’re perfect too! ?

    • I got a 93%…am I high scorer? LOL…just kidding! I had to answer some of the questions hypothetically, since I don’t take my dogs to dog parks and such, nor do I take them to other people’s homes very often.
      We have a large fenced in yard so it’s pretty easy to keep the dogs from wandering!

      • Way to go, Jan! You’ve got the highest posted score right now. I saw there were a couple of people that scored 100% in the stats, but since they didn’t leave a comment, I’m not sure who they are. So, you’ve got the official bragging rights so far! 🙂

      • That’s the same score I got, Jenna! Staying calm at the door is such a challenge for Haley too, maybe some of us need to get together for a group training session on it, haha!

    • I got a 78%…… I was extremely honest. The thing I need to work on with Mila the most is the way she barks/greets people at the door. Living in NYC, we have deliveries quite often, and Mila is quite to curious pooch. She likes to know exactly who is at the door, what they want, and what they have (she really loves when a new toy arrives). So, needless to say, we definitely have some work to do. Great post! Loved the interactive quiz! 🙂

    • I missed 4 of them, but overall I did pretty well. I love service dogs so I always like to ask questions. I know that you should ignore them, and I do not pet the dog unless I have permission, but I guess no one is perfect 🙂

      • I always want to stop and ask questions too and maybe even pet the dog because I admire them so much. Some people with service dogs are open to that and others complain that everyone wants to talk to them and pet their dogs and it’s distracting for the job they’re doing.

        Last year I was on a flight with a small, black lab type service dog and he was so adorable. While boarding, I realized the owner was sitting right behind me so the dog spent the entire flight right under my seat. It was so hard to resist the urge to reach down and pet him but he was being so good, I didn’t want to disrupt him or interfere. It’s pretty hard to ignore them sometimes, they’re amazing dogs. 🙂

    • Wow, I did “ok” 84 or 86 (it disappeared when I went to comment). I’m not too bad, but the pups definitely have something to work on. I’m the overprotective one that has had some issues with other aggressive dogs and off-leash dogs on the trails, we’re learning the new area we moved to doesn’t have a lot of well-trained owners 🙁

      • No worries, we all have some things to work on. 🙂 I’m sorry your new area has some issues with off-leash dogs and unruly owners. We have a few parks in our area that are the same way so we’re always trying new parks and neighborhoods to walk in.

    • Yay, 95%… although I did have to estimate what I would do for a couple of the questions as I don’t usually take Cody to dog parks or let him play rough with other dogs. This was an excellent quiz though! I really enjoyed it!

    • Woo hoo, I got 95%. And I know exactly where I lost points.

      It’s an interesting way to talk about these issues. It’s become more of a concern for me lately since we’re at a marina whose owner lets her dogs run loose. And they’re not friendly dock dogs that love everyone. At least one has been known to bite people.

      I’m anxious to get out of there because it doesn’t feel safe for us or Honey.

      • That’s not a good feeling, especially when the dock is your temporary home. I can’t understand why people would let those kinds of dogs roam free, the liability issue alone should be enough to make them want to secure their dogs.

      • That’s a pretty good score, Ann! There’s always something we’re working on too. I love watching a dog’s progress and it’s so rewarding to know you’re helping an animal overcome their fear or any other challenge they might be having.

    • I got an 86 and i’m ten.I have a bogle/boggle/beagle boxer mix.He’s a year old and he jumps…a lot. but other than that he’s doing well in training.

    • I am preparing a presentation for teenagers talking about service and therapy dogs and would like to use your quiz, but I cannot find it/get it to open for me. Could you please send a link to the quiz to my email? Thanks so much!

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